my midnight stroll

i thought i'd share the rest of my photos from my late-night walk . . .
christmas shopping_2

i had posted one of the photos for my last "i'm thinkin'" post.
but i took so many more that night,
and before i resume my less-than-regular blogging,
i wanted to post the rest.
if i don't do it now, i know it will get away from me,
and the photos will be buried and forgotten.

i've always wanted to venture out during the holidays with my camera
to my city's historic downtown area near my house.
it's always decorated so nicely with streets lined in white lights
and store fronts filled to the brim with all things . . .
christmas shopping_12

with a new lens and limitless subjects to practice on,
i waited until after isaac and mr. b went to bed,
and i finally did just that.

as i said in my last post... not a creature was stirring.
and it even started to snow before i headed home.

anyway, i was happy i braved the very frigid temperatures.
in fact, it felt almost blissful to feel the brisk wind on my face.
getting out is not something i do enough these days.

well, enough yappin' about it, right?
i'll just let the pictures say it all...
just how priceless some christmas solitude in the wee hours can be.

christmas shopping_18

christmas shopping_5

christmas shopping_6

christmas shopping_3

as i walked up and down the streets,
i found my time to be so many of the things
that i used to find in the holiday season as a child . . .
christmas shopping_23

christmas shopping_21

christmas shopping_11

christmas shopping_14

christmas shopping_15

christmas shopping_22

christmas shopping_4

christmas shopping_7

each shop had their own unique way of stringing the lights
or hanging the garland
or trimming the tree
or displaying their gems.
christmas shopping_17

christmas shopping_19

christmas shopping_20

christmas shopping_13

christmas shopping_8

the beauty of it was...
i was the only one aware of my presence there,
unless someone should have happened upon my tracks after i had gone.
i have to admit... it was kind of nice to be alone for a change.
{although, i think isaac would have enjoyed the lights
if he had tagged along too.
but he was nestled all snug in his bed like a good little boy.}

so i got my fix... my holiday glitz and glitter fix.
it was almost as much fun
as when my parents would drive me and my four siblings
around the neighborhoods at christmas time
when we were little
to oooh and ahhh at all the brightly lit houses.
the brighter the lights,
the louder and longer the ooohs became.

now i can go into december 25th
with "walk downtown to take pictures of the lights"
checked off my list.

it was a great opportunity to practice some night-time photography.
but more than that, it was a slice of magic in my usually task- and schedule-driven day.
the only thing that could have made it better?...
had they been open for business at that odd hour,
a nice tall cup of something hot and chocolaty from here . . .
christmas shopping_16


Candace said...

Lovely photos, it looks very old-fashioned, befitting of a historic district.

SueAnn said...

Fabulous photos!! Definitely put me in the holiday mood!!

Sandy K. said...

Beautiful! Stop by and let me know what lens you used! And did you do some special effects, or was the night just special enough to perform such magic? Simply lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful post. I loved reading your thoughts and seeing your practicing. It looks like you live in a lovely town with a wonderful and festive downtown. I'm glad you remembered to share your photos.

Meri said...

Lovely stroll with you. . .

Andrea said...

Georgia, these are lovely. I almost feel like I was there with you, in the quiet of the evening, taking in all of the pretty lights and decorations in windows. I especially love that last photo with the blurry Starbucks sign. :) I'm glad you got your walk downtown in and that you were able to check that off your list. ;)

beth said...

i love the beauty in your little town....xoxo

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Beautiful photos. You've inspired me to do that in my hometown's old downtown, Ft. Worth. Maybe tonight would be good. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Wednesday. xo Jenny

georgia b. said...

i'd love to see it, jenny! i'll make sure to go look tomorrow.

Heather M. said...

these photos are so gorgeous! good for you for getting out and taking them. they are totally worth it!

Naomi said...

these are simply stunning. What a pretty town!

Oliag said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos of a beautiful town on a beautiful night...I am picturing you walking about town all by yourself taking these photos in awe! What a wonderful feeling it must have been!

Stacey said...

These are so pretty, G. You are rocking this new lens. Not that you didn't take beautiful photos before, but it has taken you to a new lovely level and it's so fun to see you grow.

I adore you!

georgia b. said...

awww... thanks, stace.

you know i adore you, too!

thank you for your kind words and photography advice and expertise.... and most of all, inspiration!

spread your wings said...

i totally enjoyed this stroll through your festive town. thanks for sharing your talent.