tuesday: i'm thinkin'...

... if i was martha.stewart.meets.kate.reddy,
i'd have made these lovely christmas trees myself.
but i'm not.
and i didn't. 

handmade table-top christmas trees

aren't these gorgeous?
they could be made very simply, i would imagine.
i mean, they would take some time, to be sure.
but they would be simple enough for even someone like me!
just some styrofoam cones,
some cut pieces of cloth ribbon,
and some hot glue or floral pins...
and like i said...

well, since i am a mama to a just-slightly-less-than-six-month-old
with little time for much of anything in the "crafty" department,
i supported a sweet friend's business
and bought these from her shop instead.
{she gave me a fabulous friend discount!}

i was in love with the vintage look of these the minute i saw them.
they fit nicely in the vintage tray on my side table next to the couch...
complete with a bird trinket leaned up against it.
they're the perfect addition to my mid-century modern home,
where i tend not to decorate with traditional christmas things,
but rather with more modern and stylized items.
for some reason,
i prefer the symbol of a stylized christmas tree
over a literal or realistic christmas tree.
call me crazy.

{i know this "i'm thinkin'" series is supposed to be one photo and only one line to go with.
but i couldn't keep my thoughts to just one line on this post.
i'm thinkin', i'll never learn the art of brevity.

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Nordljus said...

Oh, these are gorgeous! I'm not sure if I could make something like this myself, but I would have bought these as well. And the bokeh is just adorable!

SueAnn said...

Sure do love those trees!! You are right...they should be easy to make...but time wise...hours!!! Ha!

Skeller said...

perfectly lovely, especially with all that glowy white Christmas tree splendor as a backdrop :-)

Stacey said...

They are lovely!!!

And I am envious of your mid-century modern home and all your beautiful vintage finds.

And I totally understand the not sticking to one line. That is SO hard for me, too!!

Naomi said...

ha love it! SO, so true! When you have a baby there isn't a whole lot of time for craftiness! :) Love this shot, I love tree bokeh!!

Heather M. said...

wow, those are just gorgeous!!! love the pretty bokeh in the background too. and i know exactly what you mean about finding time for crafting with little ones about. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the hardest thing about the I'm Thinkin prompt is keeping it to one sentance. ;) I totally feel ya.

Shawntae said...

Your thought cracked me up.:)

Those are so cute and seem simple enough to make! Love the shot!

Andrea said...

so pretty! i totally understand wanting to write more than one line. I had one post all set to go that was a few paragraphs long...still don't know if I'll use it this week or some other time...

beth said...

i love how you described your house and feel blessed to have spent a few days there with you and the little "let me kiss him to death" munchkin :)

tracey said...

I would have bought them instead of making them. :) The thought of gluing all those ribbons, one by one totally overwhelms this product over process gal! And I love how you caught this in such a golden glowing light with all that tree light bokeh. Love it!

Jessica said...

I'm totally with Tracey on both counts. Definitely would have bought it over making it, and love the sparkles!

Golightly said...

Love the Christmas trees and I love your Mid-century Modern Home, it makes me want to come over and relax with a cup of camomile tea. (only I don't really like camomile tea! lol)

I'm {somewhat} crafty - but no way would I make those! I'd buy 'em too!

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

LOVE this so much! I don't have a crafty bone in my body, but this looks totally do-able, right? I mean I really think I could do it! What a beautiful look! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

OMG...what gorgeous Christmas trees!