my little love bug

love bug

baby and i are still on the mend over here... but with valentine's day around the corner, i just had to post this photo of isaac wearing my sunglasses last friday after breakfast. it cracked me up, 'cause he looks like a fly. and it was even funnier that two days later, mr. b. said something that went perfectly with it.

while mr. b. was sitting on the floor trying to figure out how to mount our flat screen television to the wall, isaac was continually crawling over and trying to get into the mess of wires and screws and bolts and such. he kept shooing isaac away, at which point i would grab him to get him out of the area so that dad could work in peace... without worry that isaac would come near all those little choking-hazard bits and pieces. but isaac just kept on crawling back over to him each time i would steer him away. it seemed pesky, but he was just so curious about what his dad was doing. 

in a partially-humorous and partially-frustrated tone, mr. b. looked at me and said,
"he's like a really big fly without wings."

i just had to laugh... not only because it was funny {and so true}, but because it caused my mind to think back to this photo i had taken just days before.

anyway, i love this bug like no other bug i have ever known. every single day, he fills our world with laughter, delight and immeasurable love.

{oh... how much fun am i gonna have with this photo when he starts dating some day... *wink*}


ZeldaMom said...

I love Mr. B's comment, I get great visuals from that.
Isaac is getting so big, I hate to say it, but pretty soon he'll no longer look like a baby, so it's wonderful that have this blog. (So much easier than scrap booking)

Stacey said...

Adorable!!! I love that you can see your reflection in the glasses. :-)

georgia b. said...

i agree, zelda. if even if i was a scrapbooker at heart, i don't think i would have the time. i hardly have time to blog. but i do make a point of it... for that very reason. even though i blogged before i ever became a mom, i feel like my blog IS my scrapbook for isaac. it's fun to have the two be one.

as far as him getting bigger... it's not just how he looks, but how he feels, too. when i picked him up tonight, i swear it felt like he gained 10 pounds since yesterday!

Steve Gravano said...

He's the love bug! He's trying to help his daddy.
He is getting so big! God Bless, and happy Valentine's day.

Kathy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


georgia b. said...

awwww... thank you, kathy! same to you!

Leah C said...

Truly precious!! And he's the most adorable "little bug":)

Kitty M said...

Heehee he looks so cute in your sunnies!

Lots of love to him from my little one x