it's the first ever "moving picture monday"! woohoo! {okay... i'm way too excited for a monday morning, i know. but i can't help it!}

...to the first link-up party for "moving pictures"!!!

i'm excited.
i always wanted to do something like this... host a linky party.

it's going to be near 70 degrees here today {all week, actually}, so i thought...
"what better way to kick off this moving pictures community than to welcome participants,
welcome warm weather,
welcome the light into my home through the shutters
and welcome this fine day!!!"

for those of you who expressed an interest {or even if you didn't express it, but are still interested},
i hope you had a chance to see my tutorial post yesterday
on how to make an animated gif file with your photos.
and if you had a chance to read it,
i hope you had a chance to try it out for yourself.
and i hope you were successful!
and if you were, i hope you will link up with your animation here today!
i'd love to see what you came up with.
i think others would, too.

if you did not get to read the tutorial,
i hope you still will.

{by the way... a couple people brought it to my attention that newer versions of photoshop don't have the "edit in image ready" option, as photoshop no longer comes with image ready. so, now you have to go to the file menu in photoshop and select "save for web and devices..." i'm not sure what the settings look like in there, but just play around with it until you get what you want. you can see an example of an animated gif made that way here.}

if you already knew how to make an animated gif,
i hope you will still join in on the fun!

and even if you don't have an interest in making one,
i hope you will still check out the links of others.
{i so hope people will join in... a party of one is just no fun. *wink*}

if you would like to participate, grab the button below
{by copying and pasting the code that is in the box below the flying birds gif}
and add it to the html of your moving picture post
so that you can link back to the party here from your blog.

it's just how i see things

also... link up to your post here, by adding your link at the end of this post in inlinkz.

{{NOTE: i tested the link-up tool by linking to my own post, and i found out that after you submit your entry and inlinkz takes you to a page where you can grab an image from your post for the thumbnail link, it will let you choose your gif image {and crop it, if you want}, but that image does not actually show up... inlinkz uses the little blue cartoon face for the link instead. i would want there to be an image that reflects my blog for my link, so i just chose my profile picture instead... just a side note.}}

i'll leave participation open for a week... until sunday night.

that's it.

can't wait to see what you all come up with.
the possibilities are endless.


lissa said...

this was fun! I've always wanted to something like this but never quite got around to it.

I'm wondering now if my animation is too fast since it is more than one frame. I guess this is good practice for the next one.

hope you have a sweet day!

lissa said...

p.s., I like your window gif, quite a lovely message for a monday.

georgia b. said...

thank you, lissa! so glad you joined in! i'm off to see your now...

Caroline said...

Omg...I need to play along! But give me a few days to figure out how to do this!

georgia b. said...

of course, caroline! take all the time you need... that's why i left it open for a week.

yay! i'm so glad you are going to join in. if i know you, you will come up with something pretty amazingly creative! can't wait to see what it is!

Leanne said...

Clever you, love these moving pictures- I don't have photosho so won't join in but happy to look at yours & others!

georgia b. said...

thank, leanne!

i put a link to a web site in my tutorial for anyone who does not have photoshop, but still wants to make them.
i allows you to make one on the site very easily... you just upload your photos and click on "create animation".
then it gives you code for your animated gif that you can copy and paste into your blog post.
here is the link, in case you want to try...

you are limited to 10 frames with this method.
and i think the highest you can make the animation width is 450 pixels.
but it still will make something fun.
... just in case you were still interested!


Miss Red said...

this looks incredible! i've always wanted to know how to do a moving picture post. thanks for sharing :)

Candace said...

I linked a "wiggle 3-D" which is just an animated gif. It was just 2 frames. It's an old one so I didn't link to my actual blog post, but just to the photo itself. I have a few more that I'll link to in the future.

PSE works basically the same way as your PS tutorial minus the ImageReady part. The glitch with it is you can't really specify the time for each frame--well, you can, but it won't do it that way. It gives a uniform time to each frame so if you want some frames to be up there longer you just have to duplicate that layer and use it twice or for however long you want it. Apparently, Adobe is aware of this and doesn't have any interest in fixing it, at least in my version which is PSE 9. Maybe version 10 has the fix.

georgia b. said...

you're welcome, miss red!

thanks for sharing, candace... i love yours. what a cool scene! i couldn't comment on it, as the link took me to a url that was the image only... not a blog post. but i still got to see it, and it is very cool!

thanks for the info about elements, too. great idea... doubling up on frames to give the appearance that it is one frame that shows longer.

Cathy said...

what a lovely welcoming moving picture! i am really excited about this newly learned photography technique...thank you!

Candace has a great moving picture too, it made me smile, too bad we can't comment on it. i live in the S.F. area, so naturally the first thing i thought of was...earthquake! : )

Candace said...

Thanks! I'm sorry, my moving picture was on this blog post:


But it wasn't the only thing I posted about so it seemed easier to just link to the photo itself.

Andrea said...

Love this! And I'm sooo envious of your weather. Send it our way!

georgia b. said...

haha, cathy... i agree... candace's animation reminds me of the earth shaking, too.

thanks for the link, candace.

even nicer here today, andrea. sorry... soon enough for you, too. spring is only a week away!

Linda R said...

What a fabulous photo.. Sounds like a fun challenge.. I have never made a moving photo.. Might have to give it a try!!

georgia b. said...

thank you, linda!

i hope you do give it a try. once you do one, it's a bit addicting and you will want to do more. =)

let me know if you make one... i'd love to see it! link up here so i know when you do, if you do.

lissa said...

I forgot to ask what resolution do you use for your moving pictures? it look sharp and very clear.

hope you're having a sunny & sweet day.

georgia b. said...

he, lissa... good question.

i save mine at 640 pixels wide with a resolution of 180 pixels/inch {or dpi}. some may be using 72 dpi and that is why theirs look grainier??

i'll have to add that info to my next "moving picture monday" post. give that a try and see if it changes things for you.

and thank you... my day IS in fact sunny... and sweet! i hope yours is too!