stay tuned for a tutorial + i'm finally gonna do something i have wanted to for a while... host a weekly link-up party! {for "moving pictures"}

so... i got such a big response on my last post with my latest moving picture {thank you!} that i decided i would do two things. 

ONE... since so many of you asked me to share how i make my "moving pictures", i will be posting an easy-peasy tutorial {based on the four-framed example above} on how to make them in photoshop... check back here tomorrow to see! {for those of you who don't have photoshop, i will provide links to other ways they can be made.}

TWO... i have always wanted to host a link-up party around some sort of theme related to photography here on this blog. but i never realized what i could do that is not being done already. well, after seeing the joy my dinosaur animation seemed to bring, it dawned on me that this would be a great theme for a linky part... not dinosaurs, but animations with photos rather. i have not seen any animated gif photo link-ups anywhere, and since i love to make them {it's sort of my "thing"}, i figured this is what i should be doing for hosting such a party! YAY! i'm super excited to start it! i hope it will take off. it may be slow-going at first, but i hope it will turn into something, because i think these {what i've coined} moving pictures are so much fun... both to make, and to see. and based on the feedback i've gotten on mine, i think you all agree!

those are the kind of things that make for good community participation groups... when it's something that you enjoy doing and something you enjoy seeing others do. this is perfect!

so, my link-up button will look something like the gallery button i have for my moving picture posts on my "other" page...
how do i make a gif

i'll get that part all squared away when i post my tutorial tomorrow. i think my first link-up will be monday... that way, i can call it "moving pictures monday". is that cheesy? thoughts?

well, i hope your weekend is off to a great start! and i hope you can spread a little lot of

{see you tomorrow!}


Bridget said...

Great idea - I can't wait for the tutorial!

lissa said...

love the idea. & it's something new to learn for me.

hope you have a sweet day.

Kathy said...

I love learning new things! Thanks!

Cathy said...

wonderful idea! count me in : ) it may take till the next week before i have time to figure it out and get something posted, but i am definitely interested!

Leanne said...

Love this moving picture- just gorgeous!

beth said...

love it all and can't wait. i'm no longer photoshop anything, so i'll be one of the others :)

beth said...

love it all and can't wait. i'm no longer photoshop anything, so i'll be one of the others :)

Kelly said...

I can't wait. I always imagined it to be hard. great moving pictures.

georgia b. said...

it's easier than you think, kell... especially if you have been learning layers already {with kim's workshop}.

ZeldaMom said...

I'm excited, I hope it's easy...I don't have Photoshop.

Candace said...

I look forward to it. I can do it in PSE but there's a glitch that makes it a bit limited in the size one can do. I have a few I've posted in the past on my blog that I might link up. The movement is a little jerky on some of them :)

Andrea said...

I love your moving pictures. And I love your linky idea! I may have to join you once in awhile.

SueAnn said...

The moving pics are fabulous!!