rest for you


it's not the typical theme for easter sunday... rest. i know this holiday is usually centered around the theme of rebirth, new life and resurrection. but this verse has meant so much to me in these past several months. it's one i have been clinging to and reflecting on. so when it was recited friday night at church during the good friday service, it just meant that much more to me.


i've always seen and heard the verse since i was very young. and i always took it in a literal sense... if you are physically weary and tired, you can find rest. but i never really focused on the second part... burdened. maybe because growing up, my burdens were few. but as an adult... as life goes on... our burdens become more, don't they? it's just part of life.

and also as an adult, our weariness can be much more than physical. it is so often weariness of heart... of an emotional nature. personally, i have been weary and exhausted as a result of something very difficult going on in my own life right now... some days, more burdensome than i can bear. {and i am guessing many others could say the same.} so i have come to recently reflect on what this verse means for us {me and you} in relation to heartache and hardship. and i am comforted to know i can lay down my burdens and receive rest in their place.

so this easter sunday, while my photos speak of new birth and resurrection, my words speak of rest. but my days are not without reflection on the power of His resurrection, as i have seen hope and friendship and restoration resurrected just in the last twenty-four hours... rebirth of those things between people i would never have believed it could happen for.

friday, the reminder of rest and burdens shed.
saturday, the reminder of resurrection and renewal.
today, the celebration of both.


so i hope and pray your day is also filled with both renewal and rest... or the promise of them.


Chatty Crone said...

That is so gorgeous - Have a blessed Easter. sandie

Leanne said...

Lovely post, So true that burdens become greater as we become 'grown ups' - a lot of comfort in that verse, thank you.

Michelle Renee said...

What a beautiful post. Your words and photos are just what I needed today. Happy Easter!

helen tilston said...

Thank you for this beautiful sincere wish of renewal and rest. Where two or more are gathered, we ask for this wish to be granted to you and may you find peace beyond all understanding.

Helen xx

Kia said...

Such a sweet post, thank you! :)
Hope you had a blessed Easter.

GailO said...

A beautiful post Georgia! I hope your Easter was as wonderful as these photos!


Katie said...

"i am comforted to know i can lay down my burdens and receive rest in their place."

Thank you for this beautiful {much needed} reminder. Also for the stunning photos. A breath of fresh air stopping by here today. :)