letter to a bug

isaacs first cold5

dear first ever cold and fever bug to attack my son,

i know you are just doing your job. and i know that in the long run, your presence is building my baby boy's immunity. but won't you please go easy on him, as this is his first time being sick, and he is so unsure about why he even feels this way... so miserable and so utterly not his usual self... never having felt like this before in all his almost eleven months of life.

isaacs first cold3

you've temporarily stolen away all the sweet faces and smiles he normally dons... that sparkle in his eyes. and you have replaced it with faces of pain, sadness and questioning... with glassed-over eyes.

isaacs first cold

i can tell he's not his usual self, because he is not getting into all the things he normally does. and he's not climbing up onto everything like usual. he's just sort of laying around and coughing, wishing he could be like the old isaac.

isaacs first cold6

if you must run amuck and make someone miserable, pick me. i'd gladly take his discomfort and pain for him, because i can't stand seeing him suffer... not even just a little. until then, please be kind. please don't stick around too much longer. i mean, seriously... just look at that face... can you really do this to an angel like him?

isaacs first cold4

by the way... don't press your luck with this sick thing. you don't want to make him angry. i've seen him angry, and it's not something you want to face.

isaacs first cold2

we appreciate your cooperation in the matter.

isaac's very protective mom

the sooner you let him get back to normal, the sooner he can be his old mischievous self...

mischief_3 mischief_2 mischief_1


SueAnn Lommler said...

Poor little guy.,.,hope this passes quickly.

Cute pics by the way

georgia b. said...

thanks, sueann.

i think he's actually on the mend... he woke up seeming much more like himself today. and i got my wish... now i'm the one who is sick! =(

i woke up with a sore throat. this, too shall pass.

Kathy said...

Oh geez, I hate to see little faces feeling miserable :( I hope that bug leaves soon. Feel better little one.

beth said...

oh mama bear....
this will be the first of many illnesses.
hang in there.
after illnesses, come the scrapes and bruises and scarred knees and elbows. possibly stitches. and god forbid broken bones.
hang in there.
tonsils and adenoids could be bothersome along with ear infections.
hang in there.
wisdom teeth may need to be pulled out. pink eye could show up or mono. at least he will probably have the chicken pox shot and never have to suffer through that miserable disease.
hang in there.
mama bear....
nobody said that even though we carry their hearts in our hearts, that we could keep them healthy all the time and away from the things that hurt them. it's funny how we learn the big things from the little things.
when jack was diagnosed with asthma and we had multiple trips to the emergency room, i thought "can it get any worse."
then he did a back flip off the edge of the swimming pool and cracked his head open and had to have stitches.
with kids, it's always something. with boys, it's almost always something big :)

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Poor little one. I hope he is back to his boy-self soon.

georgia b. said...

thanks, all.

hahaha, beth! i know all too well that this is just the beginning. and i dread the first time any of those things happen to isaac... especially the cracking open of heads! yikes!

but it's nice to be reminded that there are gonna be bumps and bruises and bugs along the way. then, when it happens, i won't go into complete shock and i'll hopefully have a calm head on my shoulders. =)

nice to hear from veteran moms who made it through.

Andrea said...

Oh poor sweet boy. It's so hard to see them suffer through the bugs. Hope he is on the mend soon!

georgia b. said...

thank you, andrea. he is! now i'm the sick one... i guess you get what you ask for! =)

stacey said...

Oh sweet thing!! I hope he's back to himself!

LOVE those last classic photos with the T.P. :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, stace!

he's actually better now... almost his old self. still got a bit of a runny nose... but good other than that.