slow down, little monkey + an overdue moving picture monday

slow down, little monkey

i don't want to miss it... so i put it all down on "paper"... in my digital scrapbook. in less than two weeks, isaac will be a year old. i could seriously cry when i think of that. i wonder where this time has gone. truly. i won't lie. i miss the early days. but had they not passed, i would not now be appreciating all the milestones and accomplishments my son has reached or the wonderful things about him now that make him uniquely him at this specific time. to be sure, there will come a day soon when i will miss the stage he is at now. i know i am not the first to experience this, nor will i be the last. but that does not make it easier. and that does not mean i should not write out where my heart is... it's just where it is at and how i have to express it. and just the way i want to remember this little orange monkey hanging from the ceiling fan, i want to remember where my heart is.

that said, i am truly enjoying my son. i've been unbelievably busy with many things... all interwoven into my time with him... raising him, loving him, teaching him, knowing him, soaking up all that is this wonderful, beautiful, growing, curious, sweet boy.

i've chosen to blog less and focus more... on him... on things that need doing... on me... on this family... on my creative loves {even though blogging is one of them}... on quietness {if you were reading here at the beginning of the year, you may remember that quiet was my word for the year}.

so that is why i have not been around much {and why i have not taken a single photograph in weeks!}... and why there have been no moving picture monday link-ups lately. sorry about that, for you who enjoy the link-up!

i have to be honest... though several people expressed interest, not very many participate. so i lost steam in doing these. between that and my choice to prioritize some other things in my life over blogging, moving picture monday almost went by the wayside. but i think i'll see it more as being put on the back burner, instead.

today it's on the front burner, though! here's mine...

sorry for all the animations of isaac's toys all the time... that is my world these days, you know.

did you make any animations over the last few weeks? or will you today? if so, i'd love to see it. you can link up below... all week, as usual.

i must say... i've missed seeing the other photo animations of the regular contributors... and even the not-so-regualr. that's half the fun of doing moving picture monday! they always get my creative juices moving. so i look forward to seeing them again.

cheers to you for a good week ahead. i hope the weather is as beautiful by you as it is by me! happy monday!

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lissa said...

sadly, i've not many any moing pics but I always enjoy yours even if they are toys - they're fun!

hope you have a sweet day.

georgia b. said...

thanks, lissa. i do miss your very creative animations. they ALWAYS make me smile. =)

beth said...

keep keeping your focus on him.....otherwise all of a sudden he's driving and coming in at midnight.

oh sheesh, that's going to happen anyway, but you know what i mean :)

Cathy said...

Isaac's toys make great animations and I really enjoy seeing them! You have made a wise choice to spend more time with your growing son and should make no apologies for it. Blogging can be a real time-stealer. Thanks for finding time to post the moving pictures link, I will always be in the wings with a picture to post when you have the time to host them, and if you don't have time to host, that is fine too : )

georgia b. said...

true, beth. like i said, this year went too fast. and nothing could be more important than savoring that time with him... even if it means giving up one of my best loves in life... blogging and taking pictures. well... not giving it up, but putting it down lower on the list. i think it takes a full year to realize that time goes too fast when they are little. when you get there, you just look back and think, "gosh. where did it go? i feel like i blinked and he was a walking one-year-old." =(

thanks, cathy. that means a lot. i'm always so glad to have you participate. you are a sweetheart.

Claire Burge said...

hi g,

just a note to say that i featured you today on a wedding blog:


love your moving animations and the new blog layout!

haven't been round in a while but as always i was delighted to find 'you'.


turue sona said...
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Nicoleta_B said...
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Saun said...

Love your little monkey shot and they do grow up fast. My monkies are 24 and 28 where did the time go :)

Cropped Stories said...

What a sweet post! I love the moving picture! Now is this a GIF or cinemagraph? I do GIFS, I just love them. Nothing better than watching your pictures come to life. Hey, I'm your newest follower. I'm following you on Bloglovin' too!

Geri Centonze said...

I have a really cute one, but am no longer posting "personal stuff" on my blog - just sticking to artwork. Love the swinging toy!

Tracey said...

I can't believe it was almost a year ago when you were about to burst! Wow, time has flown and I feel your pain of seeing your little Monkey grow and change.
I have been wanting to do the moving picture thingy...will go check out the links you posted!