and now the scenic views

yesterday's post was all about fun in the sun... all photos i took last weekend. today, it's about the views... it's about how pretty this place actually is when you stop splashing around and take it all in. i mean, THERE ARE ISLANDS HERE with nothing but trees on them. and to look at them is so peaceful. it's a really great place to just breathe in and exhale.

i took isaac back to the quarry lake for the third time yesterday. we did have fun. but i wanted it to be more of a quiet and reflective visit. i want him to learn early on just what nature can be for the psyche and soul. this is what we observed...

recreation center_4
recreation center_3 recreation center_13 recreation center_10 recreation center_6 recreation center_11 recreation center_7 recreation center_9 recreation center_14 recreation center_2 recreation center_15 recreation center_1 recreation center_16


GailO said...

Hi Georgia! I had to stop and tell you how much I enjoyed catching up on all your summer posts... I can't believe how big Isaac is! and how adorable! I've always loved your photography... your engagement and family photos are really much nicer than most of those I see, you are truly talented:) Love your writing too! Love that you were teaching Isaac that nature nurtures:)
May your autumn be as beautiful and full as your summer!

georgia b. said...

thank you, gail. i really appreciate your words.

Candace said...

How beautiful! Those tree islands are so intriguing. I'd like one, too, please.

georgia b. said...

thanks, candace. aren't they lovely. there not very big, but some are big enough to build a structure on. i want to build a house on one that has a drawbridge to it! =)

i'll reserve one for you. =)