'cause it's not a bad idea to go out and get some therapy now and then.

on the way...
photo walk 8_17_12-1

photo walk 8_17_12-14

photo walk 8_17_12-25

photo walk 8_17_12-24

photo walk 8_17_12-39

photo walk 8_17_12-15

photo walk 8_17_12-13

photo walk 8_17_12-28

photo walk 8_17_12-11

photo walk 8_17_12-27

photo walk 8_17_12-26

photo walk 8_17_12-35

photo walk 8_17_12-32

photo walk 8_17_12-4

photo walk 8_17_12-37

photo walk 8_17_12-31

photo walk 8_17_12-20

photo walk 8_17_12-16

photo walk 8_17_12-22

photo walk 8_17_12-33

photo walk 8_17_12-18

photo walk 8_17_12-29

photo walk 8_17_12-30

photo walk 8_17_12-5

photo walk 8_17_12-17

photo walk 8_17_12-6

photo walk 8_17_12-3

and back home again...
photo walk 8_17_12-2


Cathy said...

what wonderful therapy! nature truely is good for the soul. did you take all these in one walk? they all are so beautiful : )

Joyelle @ An Artful Endeavor said...

Absolutely stunning photos!

Jean said...

I love this and I love nature. Just laying on the grass and dream off into whatever it is. . .

Isaac is adorable. Love those detailed shots!

georgia b. said...

thank you, all, so much.

yes, cathy. i went on a photo walk yesterday... to a usual place that i go, but i tried to get something different than what i usually get there. i needed some fresh air and time away from the house... and i think isaac needed the same.

ali co said...

wow! *.* :)

georgia b. said...

thank you!

Davi said...

My goodness this is a breathtaking collection!! All I can say is wow... these pictures are so beautiful and peaceful!

georgia b. said...

thank you so much, davi!

stacey said...

Love these photos, G! Especially the ones with the berries. And a few of our trees are already turning around here. Maybe because of the warm spring? Not quite ready for fall yet, or rather...winter!

georgia b. said...

thank you stacey.

i took so many more of the berries. but i didn't want it to dominate any more than they do already. =)

i always heard that fall colors start early and last for less time when there is not a lot of rain over the summer. not sure if that's correct. but if so, it would explain why our trees are turning already. we had so little rain, especially at the beginning of summer. not sure if it was the same up where you are.

anyway, thanks!!

georgia b. said...
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Candace said...

Wow, gorgeous! All of them. I'll be in the midwest in a couple days for a few days so you give me hope that I might catch a little glimpse of autumn. That would be awesome. And Isaac has the most beautiful blue eyes, so deep and thoughtful.