keep going.

pool day with grandma_3
because if you're anything like your mom and dad,
you will also have some creative hopes, dreams and aspirations along the way...

dear isaac,

i thought i would tell you now, even though you will learn for yourself some day... life is not always fair.

keep going.

you are going to be there for people, not because you want something in return, but because it's what you knew was right. because you felt compassion or generosity. because you love, and love is sacrifice. some of those people will be there for you when you need them most. but some will not. keep going.

you are going to support others when it's their turn. you will celebrate with them. but when it's your turn, they will not always celebrate you. maybe even not at all. they will fall silent. keep going.

you are going to give. unconditionally. that's good. because you may never receive in return. keep going.

you will befriend because you thought someone friendly. you will find out they were there to take from you. keep going.

you will say things that you mean. others will say things and not actually mean them. it's called money where your mouth is. it's called rubber meets the road. keep going.

complete strangers will blatantly "use" {just a kinder word for steal} your artistic identity and work... riding your coattails because they don't want to do the work themselves or don't have the creativity they covet... even though you would never even think of doing the same. and sadly, even acquaintances will do this in small, subtle ways, because they realize to do so blatantly would be too obvious. keep going {your own way}.

you are going to invest time, effort, energy... even money... in others and in their dreams. some will invest in you. sometimes it will be the ones you least expected to invest in you that do. and often it will be the ones you were sure would invest in you that won't. keep going. you may never know their reasons. keep going.

you will invite others to collaborate with you... just because... no ulterior motive... nothing in return. they will not join. keep going.

conversely, you will not be invited to join others in their creative collaborations, though you were one of their biggest cheer leaders. keep going.

you will pay visits because you truly want to be there... and you will make that known. you will be visited likewise. but some will only lurk. keep going.

you will be vulnerable and outpouring, only to have your vulnerability and kindness boxed up and handed back to you. keep going.

you will keep your word and honor what you promised to do for someone. this is not everyone's ultimate priority. you will have expectations dashed. keep going.

you will do things for others only to find out it was the only reason they ever wanted you around. you'll find out, because they won't be there for just a cup of coffee and a listening ear. it's only when you have something to offer that they can't get, do or find themselves that you will hear from them. keep going.

you will encourage and promote others. but it's not necessarily going to happen to you. where you once had pure joy for someone's success or achievements or growth, they will have envy or haughtiness toward yours. keep going.

keep being there.

keep supporting.

keep giving.

keep investing.

keep pouring out.

keep being vulnerable.

keep doing what you do best... what moves you to get out of bed some days... for others or just for yourself.

and even when you, yourself, fail at any of these things, keep going.

if the people who let you down can hold you back, you will not get to where you have been wanting to go for a very long time.

keep pursuing that dream. it's your dream to follow. not anyone else's. it's tailor-made yours. keep it alive, even if no one else will give it two cents.

traveling an artistic, creative road is not always scenic. there are days it's ugly... even lonely. keep going.

if you let it, it can fuel your passion and hone your talent.

life can be so full of disappointment. just keep going.

you're not alone. there are others who experience that same disappointment. they must also be keeper-onners.

and you will find that it is that sort of people {other keeper-onners} who are part of a core of people who will be there, support, give, invest, pour out and pour into, appreciate your vulnerability... and most of all, celebrate you and what you can do. and all those things will be showered down onto your passionate pursuits. {your dad and i will always be two of that core.}

you are blessed to have them. they'll be the gift that helps you keep going.

but even when they are not around.




Heather M. said...

oh wow, i love this. what a gift these words are to your son.

stacey said...

I really loved reading this. What sage words of advice for your son. It also made me a little sad to think that wrote all of this because you speak from experience, and even though it's a learning process and it all helps you grow, it's still all hard. And trust me, it will be even harder when you have to see your child go through it. I've had to help Evie go through some of these lessons already and it makes my heart break for her.

You are a great mama.

georgia b. said...

thanks, stace.

you are actually one of the few who knows about my blog name and banner being stolen. i've though of writing a post about it, but then i always change my mind. still might.

i know a lot of these things are inevitable... but all the more reason i want to tell my son to keep going... in ANYTHING he sets his heart and mind to.