hey, mom... in case you forgot...


hahaha... did you get that, mom?... overall? 'cause i'm wearing overalls? get it? c'mon, laugh. you know you want to. {sadly, i have your cheesy sense of humor.}

so, i know i sometimes often break things. lose things. ruin things.

i know sometimes i whine.

i know sometimes i get cranky when you can't understand what it is that i want.

i know sometimes i make some pretty outrageous messes.

i know sometimes those messes are made on myself immediately after you bathe and dress me and are trying to get me out the door.

i know sometimes i throw things in the garbage that aren't garbage.

i know sometimes i get upset for no apparent reason.

i know sometimes i test you when you say not to throw food on the floor and i do it anyway.

i know this list could keep going.

but don't forget...

i play nicely with other kids...
overalls_1 copy overalls_68 copy overalls_24 copy

i have not been put in jail {yet}...overalls_61 copy

i haven't even run away from home...overalls_56 copy

i'm only mischievous some of the time...overalls_49 copy

i'm mindful of the environment and i help keep the earth clean {unless you count my dirty diapers}...overalls_42 copy
oh... and i've never been an under-age drinker.

i'm mindful and respectful of boundaries...overalls_32 copy

when i fall, i always get back up...overalls_19 copy overalls_26 copy

i'm getting much better at not putting small choking-hazard objects in my mouth...overalls_13 copy

when i give you dirty looks, it's more of an experimental thing than it is a heart-felt thing... i'm just learning different expressions and emotions...overalls_11 copy

i'm learning to share...overalls_7 copy overalls_5 copy overalls_4 copy

and then there's the fact that i give you my pretzels, i learn the words you teach me, i say "mmmmm!" when i like my food, i never complain when it's time for bed, i love dada so much, i tell you your hair is soft, i help clean up my toys, i give you hugs and kisses when you ask for them... i could go on and on here if you'd like, but i think you get the point.

so when you start to forget that, most of the time, i'm just being a typical, sometimes-difficult 15-month-old and that i'm really a pretty good a very angelic little boy for the most part, just look at the rest of these pics and remind yourself of these things.

overalls_52 copy overalls_34 copy overalls_37 copy overalls_15 copy overalls_16 copy overalls_14 copy overalls_47 copy overalls_9 copy overalls_10 copy

oh, and remember what dad said to you one night a few weeks back when you discovered i ripped more of the fabric on the couch...

"when i get frustrated with isaac and the things he does that irritate me or get under my skin, i think about what it would be like if he was taken from us... if, God forbid, he was removed from of our lives. i think of all the rips in the couch arms and stains on the carpet and broken cd cases and missing gadgets, and how if we did not have him anymore, they'd suddenly become my favorite things. then my patience is renewed"

he's right, you know.

•  •  •  •  •

{thank you for the guest post, sweet isaac. i know. your dad is right. and so are you. thank you for reminding me how blessed i am to have you, even on the difficult days. mama loves you.}


Jean said...

what a cute post.
love his sense of humor!
getting so big, so fast!

Amanda M. said...

Wow ~ the 9th picture down?! I love it! So stinkin' sweet!

georgia b. said...

hahaha. thanks, jean!

georgia b. said...

thank you, amanda. not sure why i did not see your comment earlier. but i did get it. thanks!!

Cropped Stories said...

This is such a great post! You are too funny! I love all these pics; his overalls are too cute!

georgia b. said...

thanks, elena! =)

Anonymous said...

I love those littlle overalls. Christie has pink ones but doesn't like to wear them very often. Cute flip fops too.

My biggest fear is having the girls taken out of my life. They are my world. And yes I get mad and want a few minutes to myself but it is very quite when they are not here and then that. Drives me crazy too. I love all the goof little things they do and if you are like me you will save every little thing he does from school when the time comes. Our christmas tree has more home made things on it then store bought items.
:) love Julie and christie

So love and hug him every day that you can, because they grow up so fast.

georgia b. said...

thanks, jules. i agree. it's ridiculous how fast it goes. i feel like i didn't savor it enough for days already gone by. but i'm trying my best to do that now. xox

Andrea said...

Such a great post, Georgia! For someone like me who tends to always focus on all the things that Max does that drive me crazy, this reminds me that there are really SO many more things that he does that are really great. He is such a great kid.
Issac is such a cutie. I can't believe how he looks so much like a little boy now. It seems like just yesterday Stacey posted those pictures she took when she was in town and you two met-up. And Issac was so little.
And your husband is so, so right on with his thoughts that all of those things would all mean so much if our little ones were suddenly gone. So true. Are any of those little things we nit-pick really that important?...No.
Great post.
I'm off to make a list of all the wonderful qualities of Max! :)

georgia b. said...

awwww... glad you liked, andrea... and that it has inspired you to make a list of you own. my lists could have gone on and on... both the good and the bad. but when i look at things this way {that i wrote about in the post}, they're all really just good. =)