my bliss is this...

my bliss_1

it's no secret.
i love to celebrate the little things in life.
even sometimes seemingly insignificant things.
there's a million and one tidbits of wisdom out there that point out the reasons why this is good practice.
because it makes you more grateful  is one of them.

so this will be the first in my series called my bliss is this where i do just that.

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a truly nice labor day with my two boys.

being there {and having my camera handy} with my husband when my son figures out how to climb our quite tall bed for the first time.
we were rather proud {but not surprised, being the monkey he is}.

finally having tan skin for the first time in more than two years because i've been outside enjoying summer.
{better late than never.}
it may not last long but i'm gonna enjoy it as much as i can before it falls off.

a new silver bracelet that i did not pay one cent for... it was free with ten birthday dollars from world market.
i've always loved how silver jewelry looks on tan skin.
{good thing i've been working on mine. *wink*}
i've also always loved chunky cuff bracelets.
so choosing this cuff was a no-brainer.

photos of isaac's sweet smile caught in a moment of fun.
even the blurry ones.

a rare indulgence and treat...
a nice cold iced green tea latte on a day that turned out to be much hotter than they forecasted.
a curious boy who wanted to see what this green stuff is all about.
happily sharing with him.

two vintage kodak cameras.
one vintage minolta.
five dollars total.
thrill-of-the-hunt finds like this and the thrift stores that sell them.


Candace said...

I have a gratitude journal, although I've been remiss in recording in it lately. But it's true that: "As you focus on the abundance rather than on the lack in your life, you will be designing a wonderful new blueprint for the future. This sense of fulfillment is gratitude at work, transforming your dreams into reality." From Simple Abundance. I found I was happier when I was consciously putting things in daily.

Love that bracelet and free is great. Not that I'm trying to drum up business for my blog but I wrote this post a few weeks ago about a silver bracelet I own:


georgia b. said...

oh, i like that, candace. i just might have to check that book out. two great words together... simple abundance.

i would love to check out your bracelet!! thanks for stopping and commenting on mine. =)