my bliss...

bed head_18

when he sleeps in our bed.
the morning light cast on his tiny littleness.
fleece footy pajamas season.

bed head_15

watching him sleep.
bed head_diptych-2
bed head_5

especially when he tucks his legs up under him like this.
bed head_14 bed head_13
watching him wake up.
{okay, so i helped it along. i missed him.}

bed head_3
his sleepy bed head.

bed head_1
those blue eyes... bright and beautiful, even when he's still groggy.

bed head_12
that lower lip. 
just want to gobble him, starting right there and moving to his sweet cheek.
 then on to that skinny little oh-so-gobbleable neck.

bed head_2
his little half smile.

bed head_11
when he walks over to give me my morning kiss.

bed head_diptych-1
"juch"... his pronunciation of giraffe... and how it melts my heart.
and those looooooooong eye lashes.

bed head_17
last, but not least.... that cutest little butt with those cutest little bears and those cutest little feet sticking out from under.



Hi Kooky said...

It's amazing how all the material wealth in the world pales in comparison to the value of our loved ones. bliss-heaven-love for sure! Such a little cutie. You are wise to enjoy these days for all they're worth. :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, jen. =)

stacey said...

These are so so sweet. I remember when my kids used to sleep like that. Bliss indeed.

Heather M. said...

these are the sweetest photos! what a beautiful thing to capture. and i just loved when my kids slept with their bums in the air. at 4 and almost 6, they don't do it any more and i sure miss the cuteness of it.

DebZorn said...

I found your blog through Erin Cobb. I was immediately smitten with your photography. The love you have for your family and God were instantly apparent. I'm a "hobby photographer" who like bright, clean images like yours and Erin's. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks for sharing.

georgia b. said...

thank you, heather. =)

butt-in-the-air sleeping is one of the many things i will miss when he grows up and out of these things. =(

that's why i like to blog about and/or photograph them now.

georgia b. said...

oh, thank you, deb! how sweet of you to say. i look forward to checking out your photography and blog!! thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. =)

georgia b. said...

well, i should really check all my e-mails before responding to comments here. didn't see yours, stacey, until after i published the other two. =)


Naomi said...

So, so sweet. Melt my heart. I could watch my kiddos sleep for hours....Max currently sleeps with his legs all tucked like that. Love it! :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, naomi. =)

isn't it the best? it just makes me smile so broadly.