loud smile

smile out loud

'guess what i'm thinking, he said
& she laughed
& said you're smiling so loud you have to be up to no good.'
 ~story people

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saw this quote today {i get a daily story people quote via e-mail and this was today's} and thought it went perfect with the last photo from my most recent post. 

if i had seen it the same day i took the photo, this would have been my post that day. 

it's one of my favorite pics i've ever taken of this mischievous little character. a happy accident shot... wasn't even sure if it was in focus. so glad it turned out. i treasure it so! but not nearly as much as i treasure him.


Kathy said...

I'm sooo glad you decided to hilight this photo! I think my favorite of yours that I have seen so far :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, kathy. i remember how much you liked in in the last post, too. i just thought the quote was so perfect for it, i couldn't help but repost it.

with valentine's day around the corner, i think the quote was meant to infer a conversation between a man and woman. but i thought the mischievous nature of it reminded me of my loudly smiling mischievous boy and this photo. =)

Leanne Barnett said...

What a beautiful expression you've captured here.

georgia b. said...

thank you, leanne! =)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

So cute...I love it when I get a good photo accidentally...this one made me smile

Connie Smiley said...

That is such a treasure, Georgia!

I referenced your excellent moving pictures in my recent blog post. Thanks again!

georgia b. said...

awww.. thanks, connie! it's been so long since i saw your name... or visited your blog. can't wait to see what you are up to. nice to see you here today. =)

Jaime said...

Ok, I am going to try not to get distracted by all the blissful chocolate in this post (why do I think a trip to the chocolate shop is going to happen later today?) and tell you how much I LOVE your banner!!!
So simple... absolutely gorgeous!

georgia b. said...

hahaha... yeah, just seeing the chocolate again makes me wish we still had some. but they have all been long gone. might have to get some chocolate myself! =)