snow daze

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if you happened to see my last post, you'll know that it's been typical winter in my neck of the woods lately, and it has kept us rather cooped up inside. but while 4°F is enough to keep us indoors with hot tea {or hot cocoa} and cookies, a forecast of six inches of snow is not.

i knew it was time we stop watching the snow, and time we start experiencing it... especially since we are a week into february and there is no telling what a chicagoland winter has in store. we might get a whole lot more of this, or we could have a winter-of-2012 encore. just in case it's the latter, i wasn't going to miss out on this falling and totally-mesmerizing snow.

it wasn't just about getting out to play in it. it was about getting out to be under the giant flakes as they fell from the sky. whoever coined the phrase "winter wonderland" was right on. it was just that! the prettiest thing i've seen in a while.

i'm not a fan of snow.... at all. but even i can't deny the pull that something like this has on the inner-child in me.

plus, i've long wanted to practice my snow photography. in fact, i think yesterday was the first time i was able to get outside to take pictures in the snow since i upgraded camera and lens, and thus, the first time i was able to attempt some shots of snow that would turn out the way i have hoped. i know i still have some things to learn, but i'm happy with the results.

in fact, the first photo of this post might be my favorite picture of isaac that i've ever taken {and a contender for next year's christmas card!}. so even if none of the others had turned out, i would have been so happy just to have snapped that one. {don't tell anyone, but i actually intended to focus on his face for that photo. but it was to my benefit that i snapped the shot while focused on something else between his face and my camera. i love it so much more that way! but like i said, shhhhh... don't let on that i didn't mean for it to turn out like that in my "grand expertise"! *wink*}


i had hopes that isaac would enjoy this knee-deep {for one of his stature} snow. but i also sort of had a feeling that he might react to it the way he did for his first time in sand and his first experience playing in the grass... not wanting to sit in it or touch it. i was right. he just sort of sat there not knowing how to move... or not wanting to... like something of a character from a christmas story.

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yeah... it's not his thing just yet. but it made for some sweet photos, especially when he finally figured out how to sit up straight so he could look around at the neighbors' cars {which are like one thousand on his coolness scale, whereas snow is like a -27}. i think if we invest in a $2 sled and take him to a sled hill this weekend, his opinion of snow will sky-rocket and smiles will abound. but even if not, i still love him to pieces. who couldn't love a face like this...

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getting him happy was my first priority. but once i felt like he could stand on his own without tipping into the snow face-first and was content to just stand and ramble on about the cool red car next door, i felt free to start shooting the beautiful snow.

again... i'm only an admirer of snow in the visual sense. but even in our last home, it never seemed pretty enough in our yard to venture out for some photos. not so here, though. we've got some beautiful trees in the front that look really cool with all that snow resting delicately on their vein-like network of branches. and we've also got some type of evergreens that line our backyard. i always love snow on evergreens. of all the things i am grateful for in our new home, this has to be one of the biggest. i love trees! i can't wait until spring to see how they look in bloom. that is the one benefit of moving to a new place in the winter... a whole new set of outdoor surprises await {hopefully good ones}... discoveries to look forward to when the season changes.

well, enough about that... here are some more photos. i'm not ready to take full-on pics of the house yet, as we still have some things we want to fix up first {that screen door has got to go!!!}. but here are some hints of it... like the red door that won't stay red forever, 'cause i've got some future plans for it that may or may not involve the color orange! {sorry red door enthusiasts!} that means the red cardinals on the garage door that came with the house will have to go, too! {although, i'd kind of like to keep those, as they sure look cute in winter/snow photos!}

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our time out in the snow was short, but surely sweet. i kept thinking of the verse in the psalms that says "purge me with hyssop, and i shall be clean: wash me, and i shall be whiter than snow." a quiet reminder that went perfectly with the quietness that surrounded us under the flakes that softly fell.

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stacey said...

These are so beautiful, G! The snow, Isaac, the trees, that huge evergreen!!
And I loved seeing a sneak peak of your home! I want to see more!!

georgia b. said...

thank you, stace. i've been meaning to post more house photos and do some before/after type posts of the inside. but i just never seem to be inspired to get on it. i'm having too much fun taking pics of isaac in our new home that affords so much more light than our last one did... and allows me to take better pics because of it. i figure i can always post pics of the house, but won't always be able to get pics of isaac at this time in his life. so i've thrown myself into practicing different things with photographing him. i should try to do a blend of both isaac and house stuff. i just need to get off my butt and get the shots i'll need. plus, i'd have to do mostly before pics, as none of the rooms are complete yet, so i am reluctant to do the afters. although, i sort of wanted to post about them in stages. will try to get on that soon! =)

better yet, you should just come visit to see it for yourself... oh, how far off this september seems!

Tracey said...

They are all so lovely. I love the little snow bokehs dancing all over them. You little guy is growing up and is adorable. I can't wait to see the inside of your house!

georgia b. said...

thanks, T. as far as inside pics go, see my response to stacey... =)

georgia b. said...

p.s., tracey. thanks for noticing the bokeh! that was actually one of the things i hoped to capture with these snowfall pics. i have tried before, but wasn't very successful... but i think that was back before i was shooting manual and before i had my good lens. what a difference both make! can't wait to upgrade to an even better one some day!

beth said...

there were so many photos in this group where i saw heart shaped snow flakes. seriously, go back and look....you'll see them too :)


ps...how fun to have a little boy to play in the snow with....i miss those days. actually i miss the sandbox days more....you know how snow and i get along :(

georgia b. said...

hahaha... i see them now, beth. <3

it was snowing love! =)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I feel the same way about snow...not a fan but it is pretty. You did get some great photos of Isaac

georgia b. said...

thank you, kim! =)

Heather said...

Hi G! Missing you and your boys so much, and excited to see sneak peeks of your new home on your blog! Side note: My (favorite) aunt and uncle's home has a red door; they call their place "Amazing Grace."

Thanks for always sharing your wonderful photos and stories here, especially those of Isaac. He's getting so big!

Love ya,

georgia b. said...

thanks, heather.
love and miss you too!!

can't wait to have you and the R-man out to see the place... and get your beau's architectural expertise and your design opinions!! planning a 60's party, but would love to have you guys out before that, too.

Sandy K. said...

Great images, and what a gorgeous little guy. He's grown so much since I was able to spend more time blogging. I spent some time outdoors, finally, but my subjects were much tinier:). Stop by and see some time. What equipment did you purchase? I'm looking for new gear, as well. Happy shooting!

georgia b. said...

thanks, sandy! i will stop to see what you've been up to!! i'll e-mail you about my new equipment, too... in case you have more questions. i've had it a while. it's been fun!!

sharonheldman said...

please send photo 843 to walgreens in belvidere on pearl street (it's the only walgreens in belvidere)

5x7 please. click on "pay in store." i'll pick it up and pay.

it was hard to choose, but that's my fav.

georgia b. said...

will do, mama. glad you like them. i was so pleased that they turned out. i've never gotten snow pics of him. now i just have to work on getting him to like snow! although, how can i expect him to when i don't? =)

Jaime said...

Just beautiful... ever single image.

georgia b. said...

thank you, jaime!