catching up

DSC_0822-2 DSC_0830-2_vint-haze

these days we're...

...visiting friends' brand new babies.

...watching out our windows what is hopefully the last few snowfalls of the season.

...just hangin' out enjoying our new now-familiar house... filling it with laughter and love... and memories.... and lots of color {with paint}!

...coloring {with crayons... and glee}.

...enjoying bath-time as much as ever.
{sometimes mom and dad have more fun with those letters than isaac does... see photo. that was the product of a contest
between mr. b and me to see who could make the most letters stick by throwing them upward toward the tile.} *smile*

...sleeping peacefully.

{isaac makes us proud every day. he knows all his basic shapes, all twenty-six letters, all single numbers... and starting in the teens, now. all basic colors. all his animals. and sooooo much more. he's singing, talking in full sentences, figuring out things that i am daily amazed at. he's a sponge and a half, i tell you. and it won't be long before he passes up his mom and dad in the smarts department, i'm sure! i squeeze him daily, hoping that the way he is at that very second will forever be imbedded in my memory. more pics of my friends' sweet new baby boy to come. gosh. holding that little guy made me want another more than ever. *good sigh*... that said, spring is here in no time. and i couldn't welcome it more. my heart is open. come quickly.}

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stacey said...

Love these. Also looking forward to spring SO badly. And it sounds like you have a smartie on your hands!! :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, friend. =)

Andrea said...

Oh sweet little boy! His haircut is adorable and reminds me of photos I've seen of my brother when he was little.

georgia b. said...

thank you. i love his new cut. it always makes me smile. but i'm itching to buzz cut it for spring again, 'cause i think he looks so cute that way, too. i feel like he can get away with the buzz cut for only so long, so i better do it now while he's young. =)

so glad you stopped by! i need to do the same. especially since i don't get to see the fb updates anymore.