lead me to the rock that is higher than i

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i just can't find words on days like today. i'm saddened to have turned on the news, once again, to find yet another of these gut-wrenching, horrible things taking place.

i saw this verse from the psalms, and while it gave me comfort in one way, it made me feel worse in another. because i don't even come close to knowing what it means to be overwhelmed... not compared to those who were in boston today and witnessed or survived what occurred there. surely, they are the overwhelmed ones. so while a verse like this comforts me, it makes my heart more sad for them. i was honestly, almost numb to what was being shown... until one station aired footage that included the audio with the visual. the blast. the silence. another blast. then screams. that is when numbness turned to something else that i can't even describe. i am bewildered. i hope in God. still, i am bewildered.

but it's more than this day. i'm sad that people die every day, everywhere. and often it's senseless. it doesn't even have to be at the hand of another for it to be senseless. to be honest, i'm sometimes more overwhelmed with media than i am with the actual events. media seems to sensationalize these pocket incidents, yet ignore the ongoing senseless deaths that happen regularly elsewhere.

some days, i can't watch the news. it's good to know what's going on. i realize that. but i'm trying to become less of a person that's glued to the television on a day like this, and more of one that is digging into my bible for truth. sheltered under the wing of the Almighty.

media might give us the facts. but it's in the bible where we'll find truth. not in ourselves. in the bible.


i looked through my photo archive folders to find something quiet. these were what i found fitting.


sharonheldman said...

do you remember how we used to sing with the maranatha tape on the way home first assembly in rockford? one of the songs was "hear my cry, o Lord, listen to my plea, from the ends of the earth i will cry unto You, when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than i." i still sing it lots. :)

Kathy McB said...

It's so confusing at times to witness the horror of yesterday, yet at the same time see the beauty of our world as you have shown in these shots. I guess we have to realize that beauty and ugliness go hand in hand at times. God Bless those effected in Boston.

georgia b. said...

so true, kathy. there is evil. but it does not take away from the good that God has created. there are those who choose to see the good and celebrate it... even protect it. there are, and unfortunately always will be, those who choose to not see it or see it, but destroy it. i've been watching and hearing about all those who rushed to help the victims, and that is always uplifting to see. i'm trying to take that away from the coverage i've seen.

no, mom... i don't remember sing that song. i think i'd have to hear you sing it to remember it. maybe that would jog my memory. i like this verse and was so glad to be reminded of it yesterday. it makes for a great song.

Cropped Stories said...

Beautiful post and pictures! I've been afraid to turn on my TV for quite some time now. I actually stopped watching the news all together last year. I can't handle it! I feel so much for the people that were affected in Boston. To think it could have been my mom, or husband (both work right there). I try not to think about it and just pray to God that my family is safe!

georgia b. said...

wow, elana. scary to think it was so close to you. i'm glad they weren't near it at the time. i can't imagine how traumatic it was, even just for people who saw it from afar and heard everything... if watching it on the news was a upsetting as it was to someone like me several states away.