goodbye, summer... we had a blast, you and i!

you and i—
we played like a kid
in my sister's back yard.

you and i—
we spent a day
with a dear friend
and her daughter

at the pool—

it was her first season with you.

you and i—
we bought more flowers
than we used to

and stopped
to take a closer look

and appreciated
your Creator.

you and i—
we made a pact
with our best friend
to spend more time together.
and we did—spend more time together.
we laughed with her,

enjoyed coffee with her, too.

laughed some more

and caught her unaware.

you and i—
we walked down damen ave.
exploring my husband's
brother's neighborhood

and went to farmers' markets

and had fish-n-chips
with strangers
on a warm night
in downtown crystal lake.

you and i—
we wore flip-flops
as much as we could,

ate tomato, basil and mozzarella
as long as you would let
the basil and tomatoes grow,

became paparazzi
at a friend's

wrote a song
with my husband,

and took naps
in the sun lit rooms
of my house.

you and i—
we went to a cubs barbeque

to play silly games

and hang out with friends

who might have had
a few beers

but had fun none the less

you and i—
we watched His sunsets

each one

more beautiful

than the last

{usually while i was driving home from work—
but that's okay—still every bit as beautiful}.

you and i—
we drove to places

through summer storms

out in the country

with a pouting chauffeur.

you and i—
we went to an outdoor concert at ravinia
like i promised we would

and sat under the lights

to hear good music

with good wine
and good food

and great friends!

you and i—
we went to the zoo
for the first time
in about 20 years

to see camels

and gorillas

and flamingos

and mountain goats

and grizzly bears

and rhinos

and giraffes

and tigers

and monkeys.

you and i.


Chris said...

No peacock photo? LOL

Love them all.

Claire said...

Summer is starting on my side of the world and you have inspired me to do all those promised things... Thank you.x

Rochelle said...

that was so beautiful! thank you for sharing your perspective!

thevintagechair said...

Oh, I just LOVED looking at these! It looks like you had such a wonderful summer. Hopefully Fall will bring more of the same.

Jekisa Jean said...

everyone should be able to purchase a pair of "Georgia Glasses" and wear them all the time, to see the world the way you do.

about this, i do not joke.

Jessa said...

I am in awe by your photos, and your writing. You have inspired me to see things differently. Thank you.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thanks, everyone! you have encouraged me that my new blog is worth it!

alexandra said...

fantastic story...well shown and explained. Loved it!