where it all started

it's my birthday tomorrow.
this is the window sill
that is right next to my bed.
on it sits a night lamp,
a willow tree angel,
and my baby shoes.

a couple of weeks ago,
b. was tucking me in
like he does every night.
he looked at my baby shoes and said,
"you know what i think of every time i see those?"

i said, "what's that?"

he said,
"i think, 'that's where it all started.' "

with my birthday approaching,
i thought he was talking about me
being born, so
i said sweetly, "awww."

he said, "not you!...
your shoe obsession!"

i laughed and laughed
and laughed.


Michele said...


Chris said...

LOL!!!!!! You and I are cut from the same cloth, my friend. Happy Birthday!

porter hovey said...

Happy birthday!! Just adore that photo -- it's so beautiful!

Claire said...

Georgia this beautiful! Brac sounds so loving. My shoe collection is also rather large and before I look at any clothes in a shop, you will find me at the shoe racks.

Claire said...

oops forgot the is...

Jekisa Jean said...

that is on my favorite things brac has ever said.
that and "i don't speak brownese".

oh my gosh. it is 11 oclock and i am lauhign out loud in myroom.