here is the original. click on the picture to see a better detail.

i'm a purist, so i promise, i will never do something like this again on this blog.

but i couldn't resist.
the above picture is the pure original straight from my camera.

below are four more images of the same picture after photoshop effects were applied.

with my job comes the luxury of having software that allows me to play with my photos. i rarely do, but i thought this photo—although i love it on its own—was calling out to have some funky variations. and i'm glad i did, 'cause i like how it turned out {especially the last three}.

nothin' too special about this one—just converting the original to black and white—but a nice feature to have sometimes. {even though my camera does this for me if i want, but it was nice in the days of film.}

this one was created via the hue/saturation menu. i just moved it around until this nice color came out. i love this—sort of andy warhol-esque.

i really liked this effect. i just used the invert command to achieve this.

and this was just a blur affect. i liked how it turned out, because often, my photos turn out this way on their own, and i always like those ones—sometimes more than the crisp and clear ones.


Claire said...

the black and white one would be my fave... i like raw and real photographs. i rarely manipulate and change that which was captured. it seems to remove an element of beauty for me.but for effect... the purple one really caught my eye.

Chris said...

The purple one is really neat! I'm a tinkerer too, and I love goofing around with Photoshop or filters or whatever if need be. While I'm not one who does this very often (I'm a purist, I suppose), it can yield great results, especially when it's obvious this isn't shot from nature.