deep friend

deep friend,
you do not use me to get
to another.
you do not change your treatment of me
when someone “more important”
enters the room.
you do everything you say you will do
when you say you will do it—
for me,
with me,
to me.
deep friend,
your giving has no end.
you do not forget me.
you respond to me
in the most timely, considerate manner.
you are never too busy for me.
you like me.
you love me—
with all that’s weak in me.
you wait for me.
you miss me when i’m gone.
you miss me when you’re gone.
you help me.
you listen to me.
you comfort me when others have disappointed me.
you are true.
your character is matched by no other.
and even if you were not my husband,
you’d be my deep friend.


Claire said...

and yet he is your husband and so you are blessed in a double measure.

Chris said...

I agree with Claire. What a wonderful and special love you two share :)

onesilentwinter said...


EnnythingGoes said...

that is pretty deep. and good. and well written. and touching.