you're my oasis today.
you're my oasis—please stay.
if we go home this dissolves
before it's the chance to evolve.
just one more sip, then we're through.
i promise—the train waits for you.

{i wrote this for the friend who meets me regularly on wednesdays for tapas. whenever we meet, i just don't want this time to end, and it always goes so fast. i have to consider that she has a long train ride home and allow her to leave much earlier than i would like! but she also drops everything to meet me when i need her in the midst of a rough patch, even if it's not our wednesday. even if it's a friday. oasis.}


Jekisa Jean said...

please believe,
that your sisterhood has become this to me as well.
i'll see you tommorow.
i love you muchly.

p.s. brought tears here by the way.
big hug.

Claire said...

few friendships are an oasis. value this and just soak it up. i pray this morning that God will carry this friendship right into eternity. xox

Nate Heldman said...

ok...i came to your photo blog.

Nate Heldman said...

oh...and i LOVE IT! even though i am only a brother...:-)

Nate Heldman said...

and seeing as i need some urban photos for yon brochure i am making...and phor (in honor of the phillies winning the world series) the website, i think you should bring your camera down here and we should go strolling for pictures (like trolling for fish...or fishing for lake trout...except then you'd have to be up to your waist in water, clinging to a bridge support, waiting for Gil to come and save you)

Chris said...

Have fun!