for chelsea

mine aren't antique,
but they're still glass and they're green,
and they are so pretty in my dining room window
when the sun shines through them.
{i had to laugh when i saw your post about green glass bottles—
just one more thing.}


thevintagechair said...

*gasp* I love these! haha I can't believe how many things we have in common! This post brightened my day! Thanks!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

oh, good. that was what i hoped it would do.
your welcome!

Rae said...

i don't know you but i love you stuff. thank you for sharing it with the world. i have to share it with all my friends too. thanks

shilvia said...

I LOVE IT..truly adoring all your photos here :D i havent checked your blog for a while...and im already missing all the lovely images!!!