up close and personal

playing with my macro setting...

faux branches with faux ice crystals in a vase

bottom of a glass vase

vase opening

clear plastic hanger

items on my dining room table

tiny bulb on a strand of christmas lights

fabric from jamaica

a very small candle

window latch

edge of a fall leaf

translucent fall leaf

bead work on a throw pillow




ELK said...

these images are so random ~ I love the way you lay them out my favorite... the candle, the window lock?, stems coming out of the green bottle...your photos make me smile!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thank you so much--ELK.

coming from you, that means a whole lot!

shilvia said...

whoaaaa...iam taking forever to figure all these objects!!!AMAZING :D

Chris said...

Oooh, Georgia, these are right up my alley! I love these! Some of them are definitely framers, as you say!

DaniFineporcupine said...

stunning. great depth of field. wow!

Claire said...

wow. your eye is becoming finer. more tuned into the beauty...