berry or birdy?

actually, it's a berry.
{click on the image to see it closer.}
now, i'm not sure—perhaps it is just the outer skin
of the berry or something like that.
it almost looks like a little bug, too.
whatever it is, i did not realize it was there
when i was taking the picture.
i was just trying to get a macro shot of the berry.
but i was recently going through some autumn pictures
that i took a couple of months ago and discovered it.
i love this little "creature".


Jane said...

Blogger won't let me post, so I'm trying again.
I love all things cherry and this little creature you captured is wonderful!

Claire said...

the colours speak to me...

shilvia said...

this is one very cute picture, the colour or the shapes, i dont really know how to explain, but it sure makes me cheerful looking at it, great capture!!!

Chris said...

Love the vivid colors and textures!