white {and a poem}

it was snowing last night when i went to bed and still snowing this morning when i woke up. i was captivated by it the whole time—mesmerized as i stared out the window in the dark and the light. so i wrote this poem on this saturday morning about the snow from friday night until morning, starting in the middle, then flashing back further to the evening before, and then forward to dawn.

layers of white

layers of white
have covered my world
all while my thoughts
in dreams became swirled.

all in the cover of dark
through the night
yet easily seen
as street lamps shed their light.

all while i sat
drinking in of spiced wine
going into week’s end—
five whole days at the grind.

now saturday’s here
and everything’s right
for my world has been covered
in layers of white.


Jane said...

Layers of white is right!
Beautiful poem and photo.
I'm sharing this winter snow with you!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thank you, Jane. i thought the same thing when i read your poem and saw your snow pictures—how you probably got the same system we did.

those pictures were beautiful, by the way.

i have been really enjoying the snow this year! i normally don't, but i have loved the first three snowfalls so far!

Claire said...

a reflection of why Sabbath is so important to me, every day of the week!

your writing is growing G. i soak up your words and wish for more...


shilvia said...

layers of white covering your world...how i love your use of words, dreamy!!!and that picture of snow is marvellous!!!

Chris said...

So soft and pretty :)

EnnythingGoes said...

why weren't you sleeping?

is there a way i don't have to type in the word verification every time!!!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i was sleeping mama, didn't you read the first verse of the poem?

Jekisa Jean said...

i told you this on the phone,
but i wanted to make sure i reminded you,
that this poem is very good.

that e.e.cummings would be done proud

and that you instinctively used form to emphasize content.
no one taught you that Poetry writing 101.
that is just pure, God given, Georgia artistry.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thank you sweet j-bug friend!