making ordinary unordinary

wintery drive to work

spiced wine

berry tree in the winter sky

there are so many cameras out there now that have all kinds of effects which allow you to take an otherwise ordinary photo, and create a little magic, whether it be through texture or color or lighting. i don't have such a camera and that's okay, because i am so happy with my little Canon with no bells and whistles. and although i do have Photoshop at home and at work, i don't like to use it, as i like to pick my favorite pictures that turn out and take them right from the camera and straight to the blog.

however, the other day while reading a new favorite blog with some amazing and pure photography, i heard about this little Photoshop action that allows you to take a file of a plain photo, and jazz it up with some filters and effects that make it look like an old photograph that was taken on a polaroid camera. Simply Blogged is the photo blog i speak of. her non-effect-applied photography is so good, it speaks for itself—she does not need anything else to make it better. so i figured, if someone as gifted as she, with photos as pure as hers is willing to have a little fun with some photo effects, then maybe an amateur like me should give it a try.

i also realized this might be a fun way to take the shots that don't make the cut on my blog (which, believe me, are many) and spice them up. sometimes i take some pictures and am excited about how cool they might turn out. then when i get them on the computer so that i can see them larger and upload them to my blog, i am disappointed. but after reading about this polaroid generator action, i thought there could be a place for some of them after all.

so i took just a few of them here, and created my polaroid in Photoshop. i was right. it worked. i was very happy with the results! i won't do this ALL the time—that would just get old, i'm sure. but why not every once in a while? it's fun for a change every now and then.

{as i was just about to post, my husband walked up and asked me what i was posting. when i explained that it was a nifty little effect that makes my photos look like they were taken with a polaroid, he asked if an arm comes out of the computer and holds the photo, shakes it and blows on it, too. that boy's a real clever one, he is.}


Char said...

no, shake, shake, shake it? I love polaroids. on the PS stuff - I love creating some of my stuff through PS as it opens another entire avenue of discovery.

Jekisa Jean said...

these photos remind me of innocence mission for some reason :)
which translates as:
this old time feel be neater than a swing tire :)

p.s. brac should start his own blog
(like that day will ever come ;)
but besides telling everyone what they should be listening to and what they shouldn't, he could have a weekly post including a listing of all his clever "bracisms" as you call them

i think it could start a whole new generational movement of really musically educated cool people with funny jokes.

so you should work on making that happen. then the two of you can rule the world :)
mwah ahahahah :)

ok. i'm done now. i have turned the comment section into a diatribe..yikes.

Claire said...

my monkey gorgeous husband, the one and only calvin revealed to me this morning that he has the latest version of photoshop. up until now my photos have been pure to use your terms. i am hesitant to start editing but the more i blog, the more i am tempted. this post sort of just confirmed my inquisitive nature nagging at me...

leaca said...

Your are too sweet. I am just learning like everyone else. I love photography and I am so blessed to have people to share it with.

Aren't these polaroids so much fun. I have been having a blast.

shilvia said...

wow, thank's for the information...i'm totally clueless.