more veggies, less pizza

i think i might be coming down with that sore throat thingy that seems to be going around. i better start eating more of these.

the hubby tells me every morning, "take your vitamins." now why, other than he cares very much for me, would he make sure to tell me that EVERY SINGLE DAY?

as i just wrote this above, i remembered that God gives us the same daily reminders in His word every single day that will keep us from getting spiritually sick. the Word of life. spiritual nourishment.

He cares very much for me.


Claire said...

He cares infinitely. A truly wow thought!

ELK said...

great way remember our needs...now i will nag you...take your vitamins!

Peter Tschirhart said...

Be careful, and be sure to eat your veggies, and take that vitamin. At this time of year that "sore throat" thingy, can quickly turn into that " I feel like I've been hit by a freight train" thingy. Thanks for the thoughts on food, for both body and soul.

shilvia said...

oh no...my only solution to sore throat would be drinking excessive amount of orange juice,somehow it helps, at least for me...beautiful thoughts by the way :)