your silence speaks volumes
that words would dispel.

your absence is deafening.
i hope all is well.


Chris said...

This is a sort of moody pic, G. But I do like it :)

Hope all is well with everything else in your life. I have a little something for you tomorrow. And thanks for the little birdie!

leaca said...

beautiful work here. love the softness.

shilvia said...

your words, so deep...either i'm feeling rather emotional, or its simply is deep deep words.either way, superb use of words :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

oh, Chris. i wasn't trying to sound moody. i just wrote this for bloggers who i have come to love (you included) who when they are absent from their blog for any amount of time cause me to sense that there might be a reason, and i miss them and hope they are okay. this has happened with several bloggers over the last couple of weeks. i go to check to see their latest contributions, but see no signs of them. just one word would dispel any thoughts i might have that things might not be okay with them. that is what/where this short poem came out of.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

oh, Shilvia. i just got through explaining to Chris what my poem meant. you are one of the people this poem was written for.

i'm so glad you're back!

Claire said...

i love the feel of your new layout, colour selection and header.

your poetry is simplistically real and it goes straight to the heart.

Peter Tschirhart said...

I was first draw to your blog by your wonderful photos, and now I find that I'm really enjoying your writing, it makes me feel good. Thanks for putting it out there. Reading your blog is going to help make short my winter.-P

ELK said...

just beauty in images and words this day ...thank you for sharing such talent....ELK
love the photo in your header as well