ode to a twin

like two peas in a pod,
like two nuts in a shell
how grand things do seem
when we get along well.

we've had mountains to climb
to reach past what has passed.
i really believe
this connection will last.

we've always had love
but now this something else.
we're fulfilling a dream
that our hearts have long felt.

i've never felt closer
or as much on your plane.
it is my biggest prayer
that this kindling won't wane.

you know me almost better
than any i know.
and so do i, you.
but there's yet more to show.

so i cherish this walk
down a new and long road.
it will be a delight
which on me's been bestowed.

i love you, "jocola"


shilvia said...

yay twins!!!written beautifully i must say...i love that you put an image of a peanut :) iam always fascinated by peanuts, apart from never able to stop once i start eating them, my sister said it could be due to the fact that i'm born in the year of the monkey and monkeys adore peanuts... :D must love mother nature to create all these wonders!!!

Char said...

lovely ode - tbough my sister and I are not twins, we are best friends. :) I'm one of those obnoxious people that adore all of my family.

Jane said...

What a beautiful poem for your sister and I love that photo!

ELK said...

that is amazing ! and the peanut to go with it is so clever

angel cake said...

thank you, sweet twin. now i know why your camera was kept so secretive. love the poem. (it's almost as good as "we both" :)

i agree with you wholeheartedly. a delight on me bestowed, too.

i love you, "zjorzjwah"

Georgia B. said...

i'm smiling.

EnnythingGoes said...

i thought this blog was "solely" your photography! oh, i missed the part about "otherwise, i put favorite quotes or lyrics or excerpts that inspire me or go with my photos." :)

good poetry. highly emotional. ocean depths. greatly meaningful. lots of writing between the lines. "it will be a delight" for me to witness.

i love you both.

Chris said...

Very, very sweet. And I love the photograph :)

Glad you two can finally collaborate on some creative work and hang out at the same time.