a treasured space in her quiet place

i have always loved every home my sister has been in. not one is the same as the last. but every single one has had at least one spot like this where everything is right. it's not meant to be "set up" or decorated any way. it just is. it's her things in their space, her way.

these pictures are from her current home. it's quiet and serene in this condo on the 21st floor of a Chicago high rise. this little nook is my favorite spot. i love the colors—soft grays and purple and beige. i love the textures—rough antique cabinet wood, shiny silver platter that held my jewelry, soft and light feathers of a headband, and the ridges on her seahorse candle holder that served as a hook for my dress for the opera. i love the layers in the vintage framed print that crowns the whole scene.

i love the hiding dishes and the empty shelves that say "this is a simple place and you are welcome here."

i love it here. i did not want to leave.


Char said...

I love collections of a life - simple beauty and colors - lovely shots

nadia said...

it's beautiful! the colors and textures lovely!

angel cake said...

it's so funny how you consider that section of my home to be that. i guess i never thought about it. truth is, now that i do think about it, it does seem to be the one place in the apartment that says what you think it says. possibly because that's the only old piece if have. does that have anything to do with it...?

i would love to find out what part of your home says that to me. that's my next assignment. thanks for blogging about my corner. you know that's the piece of furniture dad almost took to the back bonfire pile to burn. he found it at a worksite, and took it home. it sat for a while. i never knew he had it. when if found out it was on it's way there, i scolded him for daring to even think about burning such a piece. i told him it would be perfect in my classroom someday as a teacher.

there it still sits in my apartment. instead of childrens' paperwork and projects, it holds just air and dishes.

not to long ago, i had it in my office, and someone called it junk. even if papa hadn't given it to me, i would have taken offense at such a comment. it's a beautiful piece, and antique. but even more, since it was a sentimental gift from dad, i took offense and scolded them, too!

it's one of the heaviest pieces of furniture i own, but i don't think i'll ever let it go. i'm glad you like it.

Ms Unreliable said...

What a gorgeous look! I envy those like your sister who have that seemingly effortless style!

Meanwhile, I know it's a busy time of year, but just to add to the craziness...I'm tagging you with the 7 Things challenge - no obligation of course, but would love to learn 7 things about you...details are on my blog :D

Chris said...

I don't think I saw the seahorse candleholder? I have a migraine, so maybe I'm just dorking out.

Lovely decor though. Looks very peaceful and colorful at the same time, despite the soft colors.

Georgia B. said...


ughhhh . . . for some reason i can not leave a comment on your post on your blog. so here is what the comment i tried to leave said.

"i have to agree with Mrs. French! of all the lists like this that i have seen, this is my favorite. wonderful images you used! very well done, and such a joy to get to know you more.

and i'm in agreement with you about Animal! i get to see him almost daily, as my husband and i watch the muppets in the morning instead of the news. :)

i truly hope that you get paid very well some day as a design journalist, because you definitely have the talent!"

thanks for tagging me! i look forward to doing it.

O. Joy said...

So inviting & cozy! I stopped when you said this was in a high rise condo!!! it looks like a little cottage....!

Bloom where you are planted comes to mind!

shilvia said...

lovely home indeed :) i do love the cabinets...and the colour, i can see why you dont want to leave, i wouldnt too!!!

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