great friend

a great friend makes you feel as though they were looking for you
even before they had knowledge that you exist.

a great friend is one who would wish you to get well
before they've even learned what your favorite ethnic food is.

a great friend is one who can speak of spiritual matters with you
without even knowing where you went to college.

a great friend is one who can see right through to who you are
without having seen you face to face even once.

a great friend is one who can sense your needs
without having been told what you do for recreation.

a great friend is one who knows how to make you smile
without knowing yet what your favorite comedy is.

a great friend is one who knows what you see
without having glimpsed at the color of your eyes.

a great friend is one who gives you the gift of insight
before being told when your birthday is.

a great friend is one who gives you joy
without trying—without even knowing it.

a great friend is a great thing to have.

have you a great friend?
i hope so.
i do.


Heather said...

Hi friend! This picture reminded me of the delicious lunch we enjoyed at that tasty place across from the train station. (Why can't I remember the name? Is it Jake's? Dan's? It's completely escaping me at the moment.) Such cool lamps--This shot turned out great, G! I've been thinking of you often. Did you get my card...? I hope so! :)

Char said...

I am very blessed with good friends. Ones that I can walk into a comfortable conversion whether it was two hours ago or two months ago.

Georgia B. said...

sweet Heather, good eye and good memory. glad you like the photo. it did not necessarily go with what i wrote, but it didn't not go either. :)

you'll have to return on the train again. we can go eat there again and do many other fun things. i love when you come to visit!

yes, i got your card and your e-mail. thank you. can't wait to talk soon.


Photographic Memories said...

Beautiful, full of honesty, and I am glad that I have a friend like that.

Everyone should have atleast one!

Lovely shot also!

nadia said...

Hi hear you are not feeling well, hope you better soon!

Georgia B. said...

thank you, Nadia.

O. Joy said...

Wonderful wonderful post!!! Makes one take pause & think about on es friends!! Yes, I too am blessed!

Chris said...

Glad you have great friends to be so much to you :)

shilvia said...

beautiful words expressing such wonders of friendship!!! just so you know, i'm lucky to have found you :D