sun . . . set

we may not
be able to see
the same

but we
get to see
the same

~angela heldman

{i know i said i was not going to post, but i was inspired to do a short one by a friend who made me think of these words that my sister wrote on a card she once made. it was for a friend who lived far away—in a different time zone. she painted a beautiful watercolor of a sunset and wrote these words on the cover as well. i'll never forget the card. it is one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. whoever got it was a lucky person. this is my version of the card to my friend.}


Char said...

I've loved a quote like that too - it was something like, "we may not be together but we sleep under the same beautiful blanket of stars."


spread your wings said...

such beautiful words. glad you shared that with us today.
hope you feel better soon.

Jekisa Jean said...


ELK said...

i will remember that quote and image for a long time Georgia...feel better my friend!

O. Joy said...

just fabulous!! Love the quote & beautiful concept of connectedness!!

shilvia said...

that quote is stuck in my head now!!!breathtaking image...

~B~ said...

That is a goreogous shot. Hey can I use that lil quote on my photo blog. My friends turn is the week to pick the type of picture and she picked Sunset. So I just read this and it fits perfect. But wanted to get permisson first. Email is bridgettec82@gmail.com if you want to tell me yes or no there. Thanks chica.