how much do you know...

...about bill murray films?

do any of the buildings in these pictures look familiar to you?
if so, i'm sure you've guessed by now from this post title
that they must be in some bill murray film.
but which one?
if you are a fan, you just might know.
not to say you can't be a fan if you don't know.

i was going to tell you the answer,
but then i thought i would let you all guess.
you can leave a comment with your best guess.
if you are family or a friend who knows me, you don't get to guess,
as i'm sure you know, and that will ruin it for everyone else.

tomorrow evening—monday, january 5, 2009—
i will post again with the answer and some fun facts.

good luck!

{p.s. - these are all from the same film—not multiple films.}


~B~ said...

Groundhog Day

Peter Tschirhart said...

I doesn't look like Tokyo or the deck of the Belafonte, so I'm not going to guess The Life Aquatic, or Lost in Translation. :)

Elisabeth said...

It has to be groundhog day!! I love all Bill Murray movies :)

Char said...

do they have to be all from the same movie? I was actually thinking "what about bob" for the first shot

Georgia B. said...

Char, they are all from the same film. i added that to the end—thanks for bringing that to my attention. i didn't even think to clarify that.

Char said...

then I'll probably would say GHD too because of the gazebo

Cabbage Babble said...

I want to say Groundhog Day, but perhaps, Rushmore? I haven't seen Rushmore in so long that I can't remember.

Jekisa Jean said...

i drove around here with you!!
that was ages ago.
and i was going to withhold my answer since i have an unfair advantage of getting the tour with the hollywood commentary :)

LornaSmithStudio said...

I didn't have a clue at first but now having read everyone's comments of course it is Groundhog Day...great film. I love Bill Murray.
Happy New Year by the way.
L x

Rochelle said...

Groundhog Day, for sure!

Margaret said...

Far from the first comment, but it's Ground Hog Day.

Great blog, I'm just reviving mine and I find your post to be quite inspiring.

Chris said...

Argh, that's what happens when I read backwards through posts! Nice to see the pix again though :)