sleepless night

thoughts form.
words tower
spilling out
and blanketing me.

but it's 3a.m.
it's warm here where i lie.
it's too cold to get up.
i have no pen to put this down.

sleep will evade me, though.

i keep seeing your calloused hand.
and it comforts me.
is it yours, Father?

i rise to write for want to sleep.

it is written now.

so i return
to my blankets,
my thoughts,
my picture of you,
my place of comfort.

good night.


Oliag said...

..another lovely poem and images Georgia...

Char said...

gorgeous - I love the part about your father.

Chris said...

Is this the writing you mentioned during tea time today? I really like it :)

~B~ said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog on one of my sleepless nights. I love how you form words and a perfect image to go with those words. I would wish you well sleep tonight but if it allows for another lovely poem to have you toss and turn. Then as a selfish reader I look forward to it.

shilvia said...

i truly understand that feeling...beautifully written georgia...beautiful!!! and your pictures, made me want to crawl into bed :)

Claire said...

g, my mind was where you are in the past week. i missed you.

i have just taken time to read through all the posts i missed. each is special, each tells of my g.

since starting to blog i have been woken a few times to write. your poetry is growing. you are taking me to the places you describe more and more.

your post on wonder was my favourite. a miracle is the best description for me because that it brings it closest to God for me. all of life for me is just that... a miracle, a gift from Him because He loves us both so very much!

i am sorry that you are sick. please do get better soon. please do look after yourself. please ask brac to give you extra love.

all my love,