1. the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected
       2. something, such as light, radiant heat, or an image, 
            that is reflected
       3. a. mental concentration; careful consideration
            b. a thought or an opinion resulting from such consideration
       4. an indirect expression of censure or discredit
       5. a manifestation or result
       6. anatomy
            a. the folding of a membrane from the wall of a cavity over an 
                 organ and back to the wall
            b. the folds so made


Char said...


Oliag said...

..I didn't know the one about anatomy! Beautiful photo!

Chris said...

Was this taken through your window at work? Looks like the parking lot. Whatever it is, it's pretty :)

Georgia B. said...

Chris, yes—this is the view from window at work. when i looked out, the puddle was reflecting the most beautiful blue winter sky and bright white clouds. with the snow and trees, it all just looked so beautiful and i had to get a picture. i think Sue and Claire can hear me taking pictures sometimes and wonder what the hec i am doing. :)

i got this last Monday or Tuesday?? who knew that the parking lot at work could look so pretty, hah?

Claire said...

definition no 6 really caught my eye. i did not know that it was a biological term as well.

we truly are fearfully and wonderfully made.

your photo has so many elements in it that it requires refelction.