1. covered with a veil
  2. concealed or disguised as with a veil
  3. (of a comment or a remark) presented in a disguised form


angel cake said...

wow. that looks like a good one for ethereal.

Char said...

a beautiful shot - like angel said, etheral.

ELK said...

white stillness ~white movement...glad you are getting out in the snow!

Chris said...

The definition reminds me of the way some people talk, especially at work.

Claire said...

the picture and the definition always brings me back to a place of reminding... it is as if God speaks to me when I hear this word. it reminds me of our calling: to be His bride veiled in His righteousness.

my veil was my favourite part of my wedding dress and i plan to go and touch it now just to allow this post and the reminder to sink in once again.