a. one that arouses awe, astonishment,
surprise, or admiration; a marvel
b. the emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring,
astounding, or marvelous: gazed with wonder at the northern lights.

an event inexplicable by the laws of nature; a miracle.

a feeling of puzzlement or doubt.


won•dered, won•der•ing, won•ders


a. to have a feeling of awe or admiration; marvel
b. to have a feeling of surprise.

to be filled with curiosity or doubt.


to feel curiosity or be in doubt about: wondered what happened.


a. arousing awe or admiration.
b. wonderful.

far superior to anything formerly recognized or foreseen.

{i was thinking about this word today. i like this last definition,
for i have found something that i would describe this way.}


Jane said...

Love the idea of using a dictionary definition in your journaling.

Also, thanks for your comment at my blog! All the names in our family begin with the letter "J". All "8" of us. And the + is due to marriage and grandchildren.

Char said...

I always love a sense of wonder and awe. are you going to share the wonderful?

Georgia B. said...

i'd like to, Char. but i don't think i could even if i tried.

but i hope everyone else experiences this kind of wonder.

Oliag said...

...now I thought you were going to rest for the weekend!...Hope this means you are feeling better...Love your post...it is nice to stop and think about the meaning of just one word..

spread your wings said...

i'm glad you're feeling better and most of all that you have something so wonderful filling your life right now.

Jekisa Jean said...

how do you do it?

manage to open up windows to new thought, new light, new ideas?

whatever your secret,
thanks for the fresh air this post blew in today...

Georgia B. said...

jessi. you are kind. you make me blush and smile.

thanks again for coming to my aid this weekend. i had a blast with you!

Georgia B. said...

oh, i forgot. Oliag, yes, i am feeling much better today—the best i have in days. so i was ready to do another post, even though i said i would not this weekend. i tired of resting, reading or listening to music. i needed something else. :)

Peter Tschirhart said...

I awoke this morning to the sight of fresh fallen snow. I first thought of all the work I had in store clearing my drive and walk, and then I applied Georgia's word of the the day, and I saw it as a beatiful gift. Wonder.

Georgia B. said...

Peter, you must have been given the system we were blessed with all day yesterday. Some spots in Chicago-land received 10 inches. I'm glad you can see it with a sense of wonder and not drudge. We did not have to clean up our drives or walkways, so it is easy for me to say. :)

I love the sound of those words—"freshly fallen snow"

Happy shoveling. :)

Jamie said...

Georgia, there is something so very...comfortable about this picture. I've really enjoyed gazing at it for the last 10min. Nice job!

EnnythingGoes said...

Worldwide was an organization that Uncle Roger started. It was Worldwide Christian Fellowship. Basically, it was his friends and contacts and boys and girls who he had led to the Lord and they met, oh, maybe every other month. I have a photo of Dad standing with others behind a table with a big banner saying that behind them. The book was from Uncle Roger as were a good deal of our books. Roger was a collector...aka, packrat...when it came to books. That's the story. :)

Chris Greene said...

I love that word. In every definition of it, it describes God, or how we see God. I can't help but be filled with wonder when I think about the characteristics of God; how awesome He is; His grace, mercy, and love; how gentle and quiet his messages to us can be. Even just looking at His creation around us, I am awestruck.

Job 37:6-
For to the snow He says, 'Fall on the earth,'
And to the downpour and the rain, 'Be strong.'

He even commands every snowflake where to land. He does all of that, yet still loves us enough and takes the time to listen to our prayers.

{on a side note, I decided to continue my "Reasons to Rejoice" and made a new blog, 365 Reasons to Rejoice. I'll be looking for reasons to rejoice every day for an entire year. I hope it can be an encouragement to people, just like your blogs have been to me. Get well soon!}

ELK said...

the dark branches and berries against a light sky touches my soul...glad you are better G.

Chris said...

It is a good word :)

Love the photo as always...