dear shadow,

i always thought of shadows as light and weightless. but you are starting to become heavy, and you keep following me everywhere i tread. can i have some moments to myself, please? may i please have some places of my own?

if the answer is no, then i will turn off the lights.



~B~ said...

That poem just makes me want to give you a hug. "SQUEEZE"that is about as good as I can do from Belgium.

Thank for the tip on the link. No I was trying it with actual html code. Like < url "..etc etc.. But could never get it to work.

Awww thank you for the sweet compliment. You have much more intresting reads to go do than mine, you have several blogs and you are working. I am not. So it does not matter how far and between a vist to my site from you is. I cherish each comment just as much as those that leave them all the time.

chavita!!! said...

wow thats sooooo great :)

Char said...

:) love it

Jamie said...

this makes me think of peter pan. he's chasing after his while you're running from yours.