i heart faces photo contest

i've never entered a photo contest before.
but tonight, i heard about this one via jamie's blog,
and i thought, "hey, why not?"

this cool photo blog—i heart faces
has this adult-face photo contest every month.
they also have one for photos of kids faces.

i do not take a lot of people pictures,
and when i do, i don't always capture them at the best moment.
but i took a few on the train last weekend,
and i liked how a few of the few turned out.
so i entered this one.

technically, it may not be so great,
but i liked the composition.
it's worth a shot, right?
{no pun intended}

to see more black and white face shots,
click on the image link below.


~B~ said...

Do you care if I totally copy you and enter it??? I have a question to. How do you create the words that are just links. I thought I had the code figured out from a website I found but..It never works. I know you are busy but anytime you can answer that would make me smile. Thanks girly.

BTW I love that you captured him while he was capturing what he was passing by. Always shows us...you never know who is watching you.

Char said...

I wanted to enter too...but it seems all complicated about the buttons and all of that. I have a shot I want enter for the child category.

I love the light on the face here and the profile. I would vote for it Georgia.

Jamie said...

When I saw your comment on my blog that you're were going to enter too I instanly thought of this shot and hoped you'd pick it for your entry! It's a really great capture - his expression is so thoughtful. Good luck!!