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if you are reading this, you obviously know about this photo blog of mine. i started it's just how i see things after buying a camera that i had originally just bought to record memories like birthday parties and vacations and such. i had no idea that i would come to love photography so much. i did not know that i would carry my little camera with me everywhere i go.

i found i was taking pictures so much and enjoying it so much, that i had a lot of pictures that i wanted to put on my blog, Jorjah-B. but then i began to realize that it was filling up a lot of space on that blog, and i had intentions for that blog to go in a different direction. i wanted it to be more about design in general. so, i decided to branch off into a photo blog that would be just for my photography. that's this blog.

after loving this blog and convincing my talented photographer sister to start her own blog, we began to both get excited about photography together. we found ourselves talking about it a lot and had an idea to start a collaboration blog called ethereal. when we began to talk about it, i was so excited that i could not contain my joy. i could not wait to start it up, and when we did, the joy did not go away. it just became stronger. we have had it for a couple of months now, and it is still the blog that I am most passionate about. there are many reasons for this.

both of us have had a lot going on lately, so we have not posted there in a while. we have great plans to interview and feature many gifted photographers and their ethereal work. but we are both trying to settle in to some big life changes, and therefore it might be a little bit before we get to it.

so, you might say, "with Jorjah-B and two photo blogs under your belt, why would you start another photo blog?" i'll tell you why.

over the past couple of months, i have met and come to know a person that i consider a very dear friend. her name is jamie. one day she discovered my blog—i can't remember which one—and left a comment. because of her comment, i discovered that she had a blog as well—it's called umbrella blog. i visited and was hooked instantly. i just connected with her right away. little by little, yet what seemed like instantly, we became great friends. she lives very far from me—out on the west coast. i have never met her in person. but we still hit it off. she has invested time in me and my blogs, and i in hers.

so when she approached me via e-mail one day to collaborate with her on a diptych photography blog, i was honored and excited. i honestly did not even know what a diptych was when she gave me her idea. so i had to google it.

then she explained to me how she had seen a post about these kinds of side-by-side photo blogs over at shutter sisters. i was familiar with them. i just did not know they were called diptychs. there is a blog like this in my own blogroll—spread your wings—a side-by-side photo blog from a mother/daughter team of gifted photographers.

so, although ethereal is a similar concept {except it does not have our photos side by side, rather they are one above another}, it focuses more on a specific type of our photos—the shots with an ethereal mood.

this new blog, however, will be more about experimenting—by seeing what two people who have never met and who live on opposite ends of the country can come up with when taking pictures of the same subject—how they compare, the differences, the similarities, the interesting varying takes on a same object or subject.

i greatly admire jamie's photography. i actually had to wonder at first why she would ask lil ol' me to be a part of it with her. here is what she wrote to me:

"i really do want YOU for this project. you see things and express things in a way that i don't and i think that's really special for a collaboration. i don't know how to explain it, georgia, but I really think we were meant to bump into eachother here in blog land."

well, not only did that make me feel great! it made me realize that this really was a good idea. i have been so excited about it ever since! i really feel that jamie will help me grow tremendously as a photographer. i am looking forward to this venture very much!

so, we are officially launching the blog this coming sunday, february 8th. we want all of our readers to come to the blog-warming party with us. see more details at our new blog. i hope to see you all there, and i hope you come to know sweet jamie the way i have.

{the image above is our first diptych—a picture of her camera taken by her, and a picture of my camera taken by me—in the mirror. i know, you are probably wondering why the letters aren't backwards, then. we flipped them in photoshop.}


Char said...

gorgeous dipping - love the project. I'm doing a similar one and have I loved it. I'm so excited to be following this.

~B~ said...

That will be so much fun for you. My friend in Seattle and I over here in Belgium are doing one too. Called Two Pictures, Two Friends. It has only been going on now for 6 weeks. But I look forward to every Sunday seeing what she did and what I did. It is cool the lil spins we both have on certain things. This week is the MOON. =) I hope you have as much as fun as we do. GOod luck you busy girl

Chris said...

Wow, it sounds like so much fun. I know you'll thoroughly enjoy it :)

shilvia said...

yay you!!! have a wondrous weekend georgia dearest :)

spread your wings said...

this is exciting Georgia. I think having a photo partner to share with this way would be fun too - the different interpretations on words and concepts is so interesting to me. Ours (spread your wings) is a little different because I just take what my daughter feels the urge to send (and WHEN) and combine it with something I've taken that day - but it's exciting when the synchronicity is there.
I look forward to seeing what you two come up with.
I'll be at your blog-warming party tomorrow.

ELK said...


Oliag said...

...this sounds like so much fun...I'm excited!

Jekisa Jean said...

jimminy cricket.
i have been away from blogging for a week or two and look at what has come up!

i just got back from balloon photos (blog warming party!)
this is so FUN-i cannot WAIT to see what you guys come up with. What a wonderful idea!

i will gush more on sunday phone call tonight :)

leaca said...

collaborations and so much fun. I bet you are loving it. I checked the blog out earlier and it looks great.

Ida said...

This project sounds like a lot of fun Georgia =)I am getting really inspired just thinking about it! I wish I could do something simliar too =)

Bruce said...

Great Idea!
Next to using this for photographs, it could be use for content too.
sometimes you want to work together or share ideas, but do not necessarily want to merge content into one text yet. Obviously photographs don't merge, so you have to put them side by side...and maybe that the most fun way to start. I'll be following I Click You Click with great interest in how it works out.

Haphazardkat said...

fantastic idea! I have a friend whom I met online in a chat room 7+ years ago. She lives in NJ and I in Washington State. So far apart...but she is my dearest and closest friend.