i was thinking today how i feel lost right now.
but then i found this quote by tolkien
while searching for a quote about being lost.
i liked the quote, and i think "wandering"
is a more accurate term for how i feel right now.

where i am (or am not) is partly due to my own choices
and partly due to circumstances that are beyond my control.
i have no idea what the future holds for me.
i've never felt this way in my life.

i'm afraid to say i feel directionless,
because i know what family and friends will say to that.
i'm afraid to say i have so many questions,
because i know what they will say to that, too.

i know where the answers are, as vague as they may be.
i'm just not looking for them.
i feel frozen.
i'm not looking for sympathetic comments.
i'm just being honest.
i'm not looking for replies or answers from anyone.
i just needed to get this out.

i'm pretty sure every human being
has felt this way at some point in their life,
or will if they have not yet.
it's not a bad place to be.
it's okay to be here.
i just might learn something.


ELK said...

yep your right ...you are not alone Georgia in your feelings.

Char said...

no you're not alone at all. we all need to get it out believe me.

spread your wings said...

definitely not alone and yes you will learn something from being there.

beth said...

a very good friend of mine called today and this is exactly how he is feeling, yet had a hard time expressing the words...

so I'm going to share this quote with him so he knows that he's not alone and I soooo hope you know that you're not alone either !!

~B~ said...

It is good to wander around your thoughts for a bit.

When you stop, you quit walking and grab a hold of the answers it will be easier to make the right choice, to be firm.

Claire said...

my prayers are yours... only in Him will the answer be found, the answer that will satisfy both the longing and the wandering.

Rochelle said...

Definitely not alone... I've been feeling very similarly just couldn't put my finger on it. Thank you for the quote, for your honesty, and for sharing with other wanderers... I'm sure we'll all learn something during this time. May God use it for his glory and our refinement.

Jamie said...


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing Georgia.

Chris said...

I hope that however long this lasts, that I can help you through it in any way. And if tea therapy doesn't help, what does? :)

onesilentwinter said...

thank you!