the good thing about being at the bottom... you can only go up from there.

i took this picture today.
it's not very original by itself.
turn it sideways, though,
and it becomes a little more interesting.
but that idea is not original either.
i got it from my creative sister.
{see her shot here.}
she also has her shot framed
and hanging in her new, freshly painted kitchen.
i took a picture of her picture while i was there last weekend.

i have to say, i like her shot better.
it just works better in her shot.
but i get the credit for it hanging above the phone.
she did not want to put it there,
but i twisted her arm—uh... i mean,
i convinced her... eventually.


Sara said...

I am in love with the idea and both prints to be honest!

Char said...

love the idea so much that I may have to go find a sign too. I think you would be happier with your shot if you cropped out the lamp post that seems to block your way up.

Jamie said...

cool idea! and cool phone too.