my green post

i'm not irish,
but i like the color green,
it's a beautiful sunny day,
and spring arrives this friday!
so i had to post these pictures
to celebrate all of the above
{and st. patrick's day}.

{photo on the left}
i saw this growing out of the dried mud
on the bank of the river yesterday.
although there is no snow left,
there is not much green to be found yet.
seeing this made me smile.

{photo on the right}
i brought all my plants home
from work a week and a half ago.
i was not sure where to put them yet,
so i just set one on the sofa table.
although i spilled some of the dirt,
i left it there, because i liked how it looked
for a potential photo shoot.
i also liked the reflection of the plant
on the glass top of the table.
with soft, indirect sunlight coming through,
i grabbed my camera for some shots.
i was very pleased with the results.
this is my money tree plant.
i'm hoping it grows wildly this year.

i can not wait for spring!
it's so welcome in my life this year—
more than ever before.

so happy st. patty's day!
happy green-love day!
happy Spring's around the corner!

{ps, if you click on the image, you can see much more detail in the macro shot.}

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Char said...

happy spring dear one....we are ankle deep in flowers and I'm giddy.