hah!... now that's funny!

i took this at the forest preserve on sunday, which was a beautiful, warm day—as has every day been since. {except the first half of this day which was overcast and chilly—but the sun eventually came out.} i just had to laugh when i saw this sign and there was no ice or snow to be found. there may be yet before it's all over with, but i don't think there will be much. hopefully the warm-up is a trend that will last through mid-spring. you just never know with chicago weather.

while walking around the preserve, i had two cameras with me—my old faithful and a new one that i am sort of test driving. i decided to take some shots twice—one with each camera—and compare the difference between the two cameras. well, i must have hit some funny setting when i used the new camera, because all the shots on it turned out very washed out. but i actually like the effect and thought they turned out really cool! the shot below is the same as above, but on the second camera. i almost like it better.

here are some more with the weird setting from the second camera. i loved how these turned out, too. especially the second and the third from the last.


beth said...

these are wonderful...and no time spent on the computer editing...just an extra camera on a wonky setting...I'll have to try that sometime !!!

Char said...

:) what kind of camera was it? it looks like the shutter was hanging a bit. still fun shots.

and maybe that sign is a message for me today about thin ice of some sort because it spoke to me.

Erica said...

I really like the picnic table orgy photo.

D.K.Fisher said...

What a great accident. I like the effect of that accidental setting. :)