smiling eyes

i entered another photo contest at i heart faces.
this time it is for "creative crop" in the kids category.

i had taken this picture last summer of my nephew and neice
while playing and swimming at the pool in their back yard.
i really liked the how the photo was cropped by the camera originally,
but i cropped it even further to show just their eyes.
{the original is below.}

the reason i cropped it like this
is because i love how both of them
have what i like to call "smiling eyes".
eyes that smile every bit as much as the mouth—
where you can tell this is a happy person
just by looking at their eyes.
my dad had smiling eyes.
my nephew looks a lot like my dad,
which is probably where he got his smiling eyes from.

below is the link to this fun face photography blog.
click on it to see much more photography of faces, young and old
or go to www.iheartfaces.com.


Char said...

great entry!! I hope it does great

Sharon said...

very nice! and I love your explanation about the smiling eyes... I know exactly what you mean. :)

Leigh said...

Best of luck, and priceless moment of happy smiling eyes (exactly) was caught. Great job!!


Haphazardkat said...

they obviously love you. Their eyes radiate it :)

*Just Jen* said...

Great crop! Those are some pretty eyes!

McFadden Family said...

grat crop