this is blanco {spanish for white}—
also affectionately known
as blancito or blancster.
tell me he's not the cutest!
he is my sister's dog.
he's the sweetest little thing.
he can't weigh more than a cup of coffee,
even if he was soaking wet.
he is a very loyal friend.
sometimes he can be annoying.
but even then, i just can not help but be
won over by his adorable, little face
and his big brown eyes.
he hardly left my side while i stayed
with my sister for four days.
he snorts like a little pig
when he gets excited—like when
my sister and i return from being out.
when i'm there he has to be sitting or laying
on or right next to me at all times.
he burrows under the blanket at night
to sleep in the bed with me.
i don't know how he breathes.
his tiny little feet make the sweetest and faintest
pitter-patter noise as he skips across the wood floor.
he rarely barks or growls,
and when he does, it is so funny to hear
coming from this tiny little thing—
he's smaller than both of my sister's cats,
yet he rules the household.
he is so very lovable.
i miss blancito.
sis better be careful.
i just might sneak him away
next time i go to visit.
he could fit in my purse, afterall.
{can you really blame me?}


Erica said...

I love it! I just want to squeeze him! But I wouldn't want to hurt him... so cute! I also love your "One Way" photo :)

Char said...

adorable...so adorable.

I'll trade her two pugs for this little guy

ELK said...

so very cute ~SAM says woof!