the four... no. 7

i discovered the blog, the four a little while back through a favorite photography blogger—elk at red or gray...depends on the day. i quickly clicked over to the blog, but never took the time to see what it was all about. then today, i saw a link to it again—this time on a recently discovered wonderful photography blog called mindwhisperings.

so i had to pop over there again—and this time, see what it is all about. it is four photographers who each post a photo, and underneath the photos it says this:

"we invite you to respond to the above challenge quote. we would love to see your interpretation. feel free to leave a link to your page in the comments. we have been absolutely loving all your responses so far and are honoured that you have felt moved to participate."

every post consists of a new quote and four new photos of theirs that fit the quote. i decided to join in on challenge no. 7. but i could not decide which photo would suit the quote best between these two, so i posted them both. {hopefully that's okay.}

which one would you have posted? which one do you think meets the challenge more?

{a little background info.: the first photo is a macro shot of some sort of tiny flower that was sporadically growing in the neighbor's yard. i don't know what it is called, but they start popping up every year at this time. soon they will be gone.

the second photo is of my best friend climbing up onto an uprooted weeping willow tree that we discovered while on a walk a couple of days ago. this photo was perfect for the challenge to me, because this girl is the epitome of youthful vibrance. she is beautiful and sophisticated, but she also has the wonder of a child that i am sure will never leave her. she is one of the most adventurous people i have ever known.}


Char said...

I like them both! but I think the second shot really brings the impact of the quote home. Excellent job.

thanks for the new link to a blog - I love it.

ELK said...

i like them both BUT the 2nd one looks like youthful spirit to me...

Toni said...

I agree with the others. While I do like the first image, the expression on your friends face is so joyful and full of spirit and life - perfect for the quote. I posted a response, too, a few days ago. It is a fun challenge!

Suvarna said...

Thanks for stopping by, I like both as well but Iam a little more partial to the second. It has an element of play in it that really fits the quote. beautiful photography!

spread your wings said...

i think the 2nd one fits the quote the best because of it feels as if the spring weather is bringing out her exuberance. however, i'm glad you posted both of them - the flower is beautiful.

Georgia B. said...

thanks for your input, ladies!!

i have to agree with this unanimous vote.

the second one it is!

Anonymous said...

It's always so hard picking JUST one! I love both of your interpretations, but the shot of your friend was an even more creative approach :)