i really liked how both of these pictures turned out when i was recently going through some photos i had taken at the nature preserve about a month ago. it was not until i uploaded them for the post that i realized it's really the same view—one with the camera pointed outward, and one with it downward to get the reflection of the tree in the truck.

they could almost be the same picture. they even almost line up. i actually did line them up together in photoshop to make them all one image {with the edges offset so that the tree trunk lined up}. but then i decided i like them each as their own photo, too. so i am posting each separately, but in this order to still give you the same effect.

i still like the picture—any way you slice it.


Sara said...

I think that is so, very smart!

Ida said...

What a splendid idea!

I love the way the branches reflect in the car =)

ELK said...

four of my favorites!
black and white
this blog

spread your wings said...

very cool. you're so clever

Char said...

I like them separately but together too - the mind's eye puts them together and allows for the serendipitious moments of discovery. the processing is just gorgeous.

Sara said...

You will also have to send me your mailing address :)
at s.saye7@ gmail. com! Please?
I just got a new camera today! A semi-pro Canon and I have no idea how to use it! I thought I should tell you...you were part of why I wanted to start taking pictures seriously :)

Georgia B. said...

That's awesome!!!
I am so happy to hear it.

I am upgrading my camera—actually, I'm keeping my current one, but I am buying a better one (used, but nicer than the one I have now). It takes much better scenery shots, and it has a much farther zoom. But I will still love to use my current one for macro-photography.

It made me feel great to know I was a part of what made you buy your camera! Thank you for telling me! I can't wait to see what you start doing with it! Really. You have such a creative mind, I know your photography will follow!